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Jericoacoara - Kitesurfing spots and Downwind trips

The main kite surfing beach of Jericoacoara is Prea. Wind in Jeri itself,  in strong and gusty, and blows offshore to slightly side-offshore. Locals kite surf in Jericoacoara village, but for better wind conditions, launch your kite in Jeri, and head straight downwind towards Rio Guriú  .  Another great kite surfing experience, is have 4x4 trips to beautiful lagoons, rivers, and ocean spots around. For wind condition and season read here.

Jericoacoara - Kitesurf spots and downwind trips

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Rio Guriú   r  i river mouth. Nice spot 10km downwind from Jericoacoara. Wind direction is side shore to side onshore. Flat water in the river mouth at low to high tide, and wind waves in the ocean.

Downwind to Rio Guriú . The first part is better run straight through, its mainly challenging, and not much fun. The wind is strong and very gusty. The wind gets more constant and turn more onshore, in the second half of the downwind, around the end of the bay. If you don't have a ride, mind that all 4x4 vehicles, cross Rio Guriú at the raft point. So you can catch there a ride back to Jericoacoara.    

Tatajuba lagoon. Flat water inside the lagoon, and small win waves on the beach. Wind is strong and might be gusty, depending on direction and location in the lagoon. The spot is reachable with 4x4 by the beach o by a tricky way via dirt road. The spot is disconnected during high tide. Drive is totally tide dependent, and guide or a driver, is recommend.

Tatajuba Lagoon

Kite Brazil Jericoacoara, Tatajuba kitesurfing lagoon

Torta lagoon. Beautiful fresh water lagoon with flat shallow water conditions. The wind is weaker and gustier, because the lagoon is 15 km inland, and surrounded by dunes. Can be a option for an extremely strong day in Jeri. A great spot for nature lovers.is weaker and gustier,, A

Downwind Rio Guriú   r  i  to Camocim . Long downwind of around 30 km. The wind is strong and gusty. Water conditions are flat to choppy with small wind waves. Driving by the beach, is possible at low tide. Camocim has the strongest wind in north Brazil. Water is flat at all tides, mind the weak current from the river.

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