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Ilha do Guajiru, Brazil
Kiteboarding spots

When the tide is right, Ilha do Guajiru has a huge flat water lagoon, with strong wind. Great place for free style riding. Nice downwind kitesurfing trip in the area, and few butter flat kite spots.

Kiteboarding area and

kite spots around

Water conditions

Kiteboarding conditions are totally tide dependent. They change with the tide from butter flat to choppy.  At high tide you get a huge lagoon, with choppy to flat water. At low tide, you can get butter flat conditions, but it might be to shallow for kitesurf. For a long kitesurfing day, best time is when the high tide is in the middle of the day.

Ilha do Guajiru, Brazil, Main kite beach at low tide
kite brazil Ilha do Guajiru at low tide

Kiteboarding wind

The is strong and might be slightly gusty, due to the sand bar and wind strength. The wind blows at season at around 24-30 knots.

Kite beach

At high tide is small, with obstacles and power lines very close. In the entry point, some fishermen boats docking. Launching and landing on this beach should be done carefully with focus and attention. Shells and biting crabs are on the beach and water surface. Mind the electricity wires on the beach, and the boat ropes in the water.

Ilha do Guajiru main beach,  Kite launch area and entry point to the water, at high tide
kite brazil ilha do guajiru main beach kite brazil ilha do guajiru boat

Beginners should consider well if this spot is suitable. The water is indeed flat, and the space is enormous. But the beach is dangerous, and not convenient to walk back if you can't stay upwind.

Kite Spots and

kitesurfing downwinds trips

When you talk about the spot Ilha do Guajiru, you mean the spot in the middle of the lagoon, called also “Praia da Barra” . But, there are some more spots to explore around, that can be an option at low tide conditions.

The secret spot, is located at the upwind side of the lagoon. You can ride in the lagoon on a super flat sideoff to off shore conditions. At the Ocean side, which is 50m away, you can ride at all tide conditions. You can find flat water inside the river, and you can ride some waves breaking out side on the sand bar. The scenery is natural and beautiful, with big dunes and mangrove vegetation.

Ilha do Guajiru, Brazil, Secret kite spot beach
kite brazil ilha do guajiru kiteboarding at the secret spot kite brazil ilha do guajiru kiteboarding at the sercret spot

You can get to the secret spot with a fishermen boat. Ask at your Pousada or talk to the fishermen directly. A boat that will stay with you, and bring you back, will cost around $RS 50.

Ilha do Guajiru, Brazil, Getting to the secret  kite spot
kite brazil ilha do guajiru ride to sercret spot kite brazil ilha do guajiru sailing to the secret spot

The secret spot is not suitable for beginners, because if you drop you kite, and not re-lauch it, it will get dragged into the vegetation.

Ilha do Guajiru, Brazil, Kitesurf at the sercret kite spot
kite brazil ilha do guajiru kiteboarding at the secret spot

Praia do Guajiru, located near the downwind entry of the ocean in the lagoon. At low tide, there is more water to kitesurf on, then in the main beach "Praia da Barra". Another advantage here, is the possibility to kite into the ocean at all tide conditions.

Praias das dunas. Its the beautiful long sandy beach behind the Dunes. You can downwind there cross the lagoon, mind the tide so you want have to walk back.

Flat water Lagoon. There is another lagoon, downwind from the main lagoon. If you are in a good shape, you can ride out to the sea, continue downwind, and kitesurf around the sand bar, or walk pass it, to enter the lagoon. You need to take water and snacks, there is nothing there. To go back you need to kitesurf upwind to the main beach.

Ilha do Guajiru, Brazil, Kitesurf at the flat water lagoon
kite brazil ilha do guajiru, kitesurf spot out of the lagoon

You can get to the spots by sailing in a fisherman boat, ask at the pousadas, or talk to the fishermen. Downwind from the secret spot to the main beach is fun.

Downwind to main kite spot in Ilha do Guajiru, Brazil
kite brazil ilha do guajiru main kitesurf spot 

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