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Brazil - The Best Kite destination ! 

Kite Paradise !

Brazil is the best destination, for kite vacation. The wind blows every day, at season, strong and consistent ! Endless kite area spreading on hundreds of miles of wide sandy beaches.  Amazing variety of kite spots:  flat shallow Ocean lagoons, flat fresh water lagoons, shore breaks, Reef breaks, River's and open Ocean. Warm water, pleasant weather, lovely beach hotels and friendly relaxed people. We at Go-kite.com , wish you a great Kite trip in Brazil !

Kitesurfing North Brazil, Kite facts

Why Kite in Brazil:
Wind every day at season ! endless wide sandy beaches.
Best Season:
August - December, July and January can be good as well.
Main Wind:
18-26 knots at Cumbuco to 26-34 knots at Jericoacoara.
Main kite size:
9 for guy around 80kg, 7 for a girl around 55kg.
Warm weather and warm water, no wetsuits.
Main Kite Lagoons:
Crowd less Lagoons:
Kite-wave spots:
Crowd less spots:
Kite Beaches:
Mostly wide and sandy, can get smaller on high tide.
Kite services:
Kite clubs, kite lessons, kite rentals, repairs and kite trips.
Best kite trips:
Kite Hotels:
Many kite in front Hotels, Pousadas, Houses and Apartments.
Get to Kite in Brazil:
Kitesurfers Night:
Bars and restaurants at Cumbuco, Jericoacoara and Canoa Quebrada.

Main Kitesurfing and kiteboarding spots at North Brazil

Main kitesurfing and kiteboarding  area is between the two popular kite villages, Cumbuco and Jericoacoara, and  you can kitesurf downwind, all the way in a few days trip. This article containes general information about kitesurfing in north Brazil, and the rest is organized by kite spots from south-east to north-west: Canoa Quebrada, Uruau and Barra Nova are south to Fortaleza. Cumbuco the kite capital, located 40 kilometers north-west to Fortaleza. Taiba has small lagoon and the the most powerful wave in Ceara. Paracuru the best spot, with flat sea lagoon and great reef break outside. Lagoinha the beautiful spot with nice waves and lagoons, Flecheiras and Guajiru has fun waves nice lagoons and River delta. Icaraizinho the rustic village, Ilha do Guajiru has huge tidal lagoon, Prea and Jericoacoara has great night life and super strong wind. Barra Grande with its flat shallow sea lagoons are in Piaui state west from Jericoacoara. For each spot, you have kitesurfing conditions, lagoons description, wave spot, hotels, pousadas, tide tables, wind and wave forecasts and instructions how to get there. Read more about kitesurfing in North Brazil at kitesurf brazil section.

For great first kitesurfing vacation in Brazil, check our  Suggested Basic Kite trip from Cumbuco to Jericoacoara. We at Go-kite.com, assure you that it wont be your last !

Cauipe the famous kiteboarding lagoon, Cumbuco, Brazil
kiteboarding at Cauipe lagoon, Cumbuco, Brazil

Wind in North Brazil, at the Kitesurfing area

The Wind blows constantly from August to December, and season is longer from Icaraizinho to Jericoacoara. At Cumbuco, the wind blows around 18-24 knots, as you move north-west, the wind get stronger, to blow at around 28-34 knots in Jericoacoara and Prea. More detailes about the Wind in North Brazil at Wind forecast section. More detailes about Kite sizes, gear, beginners spot, etc, read at Kite Advisor section.

Kiteboarding at low tide in Cumbuco central beach
Kite Brazil, Kitesurfing at Combuco Central beach

Wave in North Brazil, at Kitesurfing area

Huge reef break seekers, might not be satisfied in north Brazil, but fun waves are plenty, and 2m waves are common. Taiba is the best spot for serious wave kite-surfers. The wave which breaks deep into the bay are powerfull, at the size of 2m up to 3m.  Paracuru and Lagoinha are the best spots for the fun wave lovers.

Taiba, Brazil -  always wavy bay and small lagoon
Kite Brazil, Kitesurfing in Taiba wavy bay

Lagoons in north Brazil, great for freestyle kiteboarding

The largest flat water areas are in Ilha do Guajiru and Barra Grande, that have kilometers of never crowded  flat water.  Many more small lagoons and river deltas can be found in Ceara's kitesurfing beaches. The most famous, is Cauipe lagoon, near Cumbuco which is a great place to watch pro rider and try some stuff yourself.  Great wind conditions and convenient facilities of a restaurant, snack sellers, shade and a buggy service to ride back to the village. Taiba village has small butter flat lagoon, which is popular becuse its close to Cumbuco  and reachable by car. There are kite lagoons near every kite spot, and they are reachable by buggy ot 4x4 car. 

South to Fortaleza, the area is greener with many rivers creating many flat shallow kitebording spots. In Uruau and Barra nova there are kitesurfer's pousadas right at the lagoons. 

Ilha do Guajiru, Brazil - Huge flat water tidal lagoon for free style kiteboarding
Kite Brazil, Ilha do Guajiru lagoon

Downwind Kitesurfing trips in North Brazil

Best part in Brazil, is the large verity of downwind trips, that are great for your huge jumps, or directional wave riding. You can join an organized downwind of 3 to 10 days, from Cumbuco to Jericoacoara or even Barra Grande, or stay few days in each spot and kite downwind between them.

Organizing for Taiba - Paracuru kitesurfing Downwind trip. The best downwind in north Brazil.
Kite Brazil, Kitesurf downwind from Taiba to Paracuru

Traveling in north Brazil, to kitesurfing destinations

Brazil has great infrastructure for kite-surfers. Lovely beach hotels right on the spot, with grass loans, compressor and fresh water. Many kitesurf clubs supply rentals, lessons and organized downwinds. Transportation is easy, and at popular spots, you have buggies to drive you to kite spots and downwind kitesurfing trips. Details about health, money, visas etc, at Brazil Kite Trip Advisor section. Car rental, driving, busses, taxis etc, at Transportation section.

kite in front of your room - Rancho do Peixe Hotel in Prea, Brazil
Kite Brazil, Prea kitesurfing beach

Want to start planning your trip, check our Suggested Basic Kite trip from Cumbuco to Jericoacoara.

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We at Go-kite.com , wish you a great Kite trip in Brazil !

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