Kite Beautiful Zanzibar

Zanzibar is one of the most beautiful kite spots in the world. Less for hardcore kite surfers, but great for beginners. In Zanzibar, there are Kite clubs, kite lessons, kite rentals and kite hotels at the kite beaches.  The weather is hot all year.

Kite Zanzibar - Facts

Best Wind -  July-September. December-February can be good as well.

Kite size   - 9-12 and up.

Good for   - Kite beginners.

Kite conditions - Flat shallow, Wind side onshore.

Kite zanzibar -kite beach
kite zanzibar kite launch

Kite Conditions

Most of the East side of the Island is surrounded by a lagoon with super flat water inside , and a small-medium wave breaking at the sand reef outside. At low tide there might be not enough water for kite in the lagoon. Beaches are sandy, and ocean bottom is mainly a reef. 

Wind for Kite

Best season is Jully to September. The wind is around 14-18 knots, and picks up in the afternoon.  The wind is not very strong and consistent, But you have good chances for amazing kite sessions in super clear flat water. 

Kite zanzibar wind statistics
kite zanzibar wind statistic

Kite beaches - Zanzibar

All the kite beaches, are on the east windy side, 

Zanzibar Kite spot Map

kite zanzibar kite spots map View Zanzibar - Kite spots in a larger map

Paje kite beach, Zanzibar

Paje is the main kite beach in Zanzibar. Wide sandy beach with flat shallow kite conditions. Few nice small hotels and kite club that supply kite lessons. Arabien nights is recomended small hotel for familes, right near the kite club. Lovly echo option is Airborne Kite & Surf Village. Nice Bufget option at Paje beach ia Kite guesthouse.

Kite zanzibar,Paje kite beach
kite zanzibar paje beach kiteboarding

Breezes kite beach, Zanzibar

Lovely all inclusive hotel, great for kiteboarder's and kite families. Breezes hotel. The hotel beach is beutiful and great for kitesurfing. Since this kite beach stands out more into the sea, then other kite beaches in the area, you get few more kite wind knots.

Kiwengwa kite beach, Zanzibar

Great kite beach with few kite clubs and nice all inclusive hotels. Great for kite familes and kite couples. Malia Zanzibar, all inclusive hotel is great choise, you can kite on the hotel's beach and take kite lessons.

Matemwe kite beach, Zanzibar

Lovely quit kite beach. There are marine agriculture, so you can kite only on mid-high tide. Few diving and snorkeling clubs at the beach. Lovely small hotels to stay at your kite vacation. We recomend staying at Zanzibar brands hotel.

Nungwi kite beach, Zanzibar

Nungwi ia the most touristic town in Zanzibar. Recommended for party lovers. The kite zone is south-east from Nungwi, and the best hotel to stay and kite is: Warer beach  hotel. Kitesurfing traveler guide. © All rights reserved.