Kite Paradise
Tarifa Spain

Tarifa is the most famous kitesurfing spot in Europe. Tarifa is windy all year, and its fun all year, thats why Tarifa is called  kitesurf paradise.

kite tarifa playa Los Lances kite Tarifa - Playa los Lances

Tarifa - Kite facts

kite season: All year round.
Beach conditions: Sandy wide beaches. There is almost 10km beachse in Tarifa.
Water conditions:

Choppy in the summer, Waves in the winter, Flat - out of the season (only with full or non moon and high tide, see Rio Jara spot)

Kite Beginners:

Tarifa is good for all leves of kitesurfers.

Kite Services: There are almost 40 kite schools in Tarifa so you can choose where you want to learn. We recommend kite school. 

At Los Lances beach with levante wind there is a rescue boat. You can buy your ticket in the beach bars.
There are plenty of shop repairs in Tarifa.

Kite Sizes: Bring all. Mainly 7m to 12m.
Restrictions: From 15 June till 15 September you can only kitesurf in Los Lances Norte and Valdavaqueros beach.
Weather: From 12C in the winter to 35C in the summer.
Wetsuits: Yes, all year round. 5.4mm in the winter, 3.2mm in the summer or shorty.
Nightlife: In the winter is very quiet, loads of bars will be open from Easter and close again in the midlle of November. In the summer you can party in Tarifa every day till 8am in the morning.
Get there:

By plane to Malaga or Gibraltar. From the airpot you can take a bus but we suggest to rent a car.

Kite Wind - Tarifa

The wind in Tarifa, blows all year round, and you can get all sorts of kite conditions,  depending on wind directions and time of year. There are basically two kinds of wind:

PONIENTE - westerly wind that blows from the sea. This wind usually starts in the afternoon from around 2pm and blows at 10k-25k, even if the wind forecast in the summer shows 10k, normally expect more due to thermal effects. This wind is sideonshore in all spots in Tarifa and normally is cooler but very constant. It also brings more waves, especially in the winter.

LEVANTE - easterly wind which blows from the land, it usually blows all day and can be very strong from 15k-60k! (check spot options outside Tarifa for strong levante). This wind in Tarifa city is offshore but in Valdavaqueros beach sideshore and it can be very gusty, usually is warmer and less wavy.

Kite Tarifa - Wind staristic

wind statistick kite tarifa spain

Kite Beaches - Tarifa

You can kiteboard in Tarifa town out of the summer tourism season, there are restrictions from 15 June till 15 September. Out of Tarifa town, you can kitesurf all year round. 

Very important to remember is that levante wind in Tarifa town is usually much stronger then in Valdavaquros or Punta Paloma, there is a difference even of 20k sometimes. General rule is the further you go from Tarifa town the levante wind is weaker. 
When levante is too strong, which happens there are two other good spots to kite outside Tarifa zone. Remember there is wind in those spots only when levante in Tarifa on Valdavaqueros beach blows more then 40k! There are many kite beaches in Tarifa town and area, we describe the most popular ones.

Kite spots - Tarifa town

Bailneario - Kite Spot

Popular kite spot for surfers. In front of very pupular beach bar Bienestar which is open all year With levante wind is offshore, constant but very flat or with very clean waves, so only for very expirienced kitesurfers.

Campo de Futbol - Kite spot

Kite Spot which is very popular in the winter with the locals,parking, there is beach bar Club Siete but usual open in the summer. Great with Poniente wind. Too dangerous with levante offshore wind.

Rio Jara - Kite spot

Kite Spot in front of the camping. It is very popular out of the season with Poniente wind when with high tide we have got lagoon, great for freestyle. Here you can usually meet all pro riders. It is more difficult to get there but you can do upwind from Campo de Futbol. With levante wind is too offshore.

Kite Spots - out of Tarifa town

Los Lances Norte - kite Beach

Large sandy kite beach, with 2 beach bars and parking. Very popular with Poniente wind. With levante there are rescue boats but in the summer only from 15 June till 15 September.

Valdavaqueros - Kite Beach

Good kite spot, with poniente and levante wind, all year-round. No rescue boats but levante is sideshore-on at this beach. There are 2 beach bars. In the summer quite crowded.

Punta Paloma - Kite beach

The furtherest spot from Tarifa to kite(9km away from Tarifa), with a beautiful sand dunes, good for beginners with levante wind, usually sideshore, there is a parking place.

kite tarifa punta paloma sandy beach kite tarifa - punta paloma sandy beach

Palmones - kite beach

Located around 30 km from Tarifa towards Algercias. Good for beginners with parking and some bars. Choppy, flat or waves with sideshore wind.

Canos de Meca - Kite beach

Located around 65km from Tarifa towards Cadiz. A Good wave spot, better for advanced riders. The wave are created when Levente wind blows. Conditions are tied depended, at high tide, big beach break, at low tide reef are shalow. The wind here is sideonshore.

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