Kite Sea of Galile

Sea of Galilee is very popular kite spot. Wind is strong and consistent in the summer mainly  July and August. In the Sea of Galilee there many windsurfing spots and one kite spot called Diamond beach. This kite spot is not for beginners ! 

kite israel, sea of galilee
kite israel sea of galilee

Kite Wind

Sea of Galilee is very windy in the summer, but most beaches don't have conditions for kiteboarding. The wind is thermic, and starts at once around 14.00 afternoon. Its hard to forecast the wind reliably, usually when direction is west and the forecast at least 12 knots , you will get a great kite session. Windguru forecast here.

kite Beach

The beach is changing every year according to water level. The kite beach is not big, and covered with pebbles. The beach is not big, and can get super crowded with kitesurfers, especially during weekends. Kite beach is a wild beach, and there are no facilities. Bring water, food and sunscreen with you.

kite israel sea of galilee, diamond beach
kite israel see of galilee kite beach

Hotels and Guesthouses

You can stay camping at the beach, but mind that its very hot until the wind start blowing, and the car is far away. There are many hotels, B&B and guesthouses in the area. One laxurius hotel is right by the spot. Close by but little expensive options is to stay at RAMOT resort, up the mountain, or Ein-Gev resort right the sea of galilee beach.

How to get there

There is no public transportation to this beach, you need to come with a car. The parking is bit far from the beach, so you need to walk and carry your kite gear.  You can try find a ride in the Israeli kitesurfers groups, offer attractive snacks and share the fule payment.

Kite hazards

This kite spot is not for beginners ! Wind at the beach can be super gusty, and the surface full of obstacles and pebbles. No place for mistakes. Be very focus when launching and landing, and don't spend unnecessary time on the beach or at entry point, with your kite up. Many families on the beach, so stay away from swimmers.

kite israel sea of galilee, when wind fail
kite israel sea of galilee

In the sea of Galilee, wind can die out suddenly. Don't go too far out, and consider a floating vest. Make sure somebody knows you went kiteboarding.

Maritime policing: 04-6750027

kite israel sea of galilee, wind fail
kite israel sea of galilee

What to bring

Flip Flops is a must on the beach, you ware them when launching, and leave them by the water line. Bring a lot of water is a good idea, and some snacks. Sunscreen is essential, the radiation is very strong. Kitesurfing traveler guide. © All rights reserved.