Kite sunny Israel

Israel has a lot to offer to water sports lovers. If you are lucky, you can kite at three sea's in one kite trip. The Mediterranean with the party city Tel Aviv and the famous kitesurfing spot in Haifa. The red sea with it's great wind statistics and you can perform Jesus trick at the sea of Galilee.

Kiteboarding at Eilat, Red sea, Israel
kiteboarding eilat, Israel

Kite beaches, Israel

In Israel, you can find kitesurfing options for every season. At the Summer, there are great conditions at the Sea of Galilee, Red sea and Haifa area in the Mediterranean. Spring and Autumn, there are north winds in the Mediterranean and the Red sea. In the winter there are stormy kite conditions in the Mediterranean.

Israel - Main Kite Spots

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Summer kiteboarding in Israel

Summer is great time for kitesurfing Israel.Sea of Galilee, is windy every day from mid June until mid-August. Eilat in the Red sea has great wind statistics. At the Mediterranean, you can kite almost every day at Haifa area in Bat-Galim kite spot, or Kiryat yam kite spot.

statistic wind for kite eilat israel

Summer Kite - Israel

Autumn and spring kitesurfing in Israel

March, April, May, September and October are transition seasons in Israel, that brings north winds for kitesurfing. The north wind can be light 12-15 knots, or strong 18-25 knots. This season is has very good wind statistics in the red sea. In the Mediteranien, its a matter of lack, can be windy every week, and can be no kite conditions for weeks.

Winter kitesurfing in Israel

And the real thing: kitesurfing at the Mediterranean in the winter. Winter storm, usually start with south wind, calm sea and sunny sky. During few hours, the storm picks up and kite conditions  change to south-west wind with wave, at the end there is a west wind with high powerful waves.  

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