Kite Greece

Greece has many great options for kiteboarding in the summer, spring and autumn. In July and August, the famous meltemi wind blows almost every day around 20 knots, and get boosted to 35 knots in many places. Flat water, warm weather and nice food. Main season in July and August, but there are kite spots that works from May till end of October.

Greece is one of the best kite destinations for kite beginners. Choppy to flat water, many kite schools and rescue service! at every official kite beach. 

Kite rescue service in Greece
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Kite conditions in Greece

Wind for kite in Greece

The meltemi wind blows at July and August, at around 20 knots. In many places like Prasonisi kite beach in Rhodes and Paros kite beach, the wind is boosted to 30 knots because its passing between mountains. Some places in Greece as Lefkadi in Evia island, gets thermal wind that blow from mid May to July.

Kiteboarding Evia, Greece
kite greece evia
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Kite beaches in Greece

Kite beaches in Greece are usually sandy with sandy sea bottom. The Aegean sea is not wavy due to the many islands blocking the swell. So you can expect flat to choppy water, depending on wind strength. In some places, like Prasonisi kite beach in Rhodes, you can find some playable wind wave. 

Kite beach Marmari, Greece
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Where to kite in Greece

You can find many windy beaches in Greece, but kite clubs are located at sandy not sheltered beach with cross to side shore wind. Evia has the closest kite beaches to Athens, which are reachable by public transportation from Athens. Paros and Rhodes are popular destinations for kite vacation.

The kite deal in Greece is to pay around 10 Euro per day to the kite club at the beach, and for that you get landing, launching services and kite supervision service. If you are in problem or get drifted somewhere, a rescue boat is coming to pick you up. In Greece by low, kite is allowed only at beaches that has kite clubs supervising the kite surfers, and by low you are required to pay to some kite club at the beach you are kiteboarding at. This low was made after few tourist kite surfers where drifted to sea, and needed to be rescued. There where some rumors about kitesurfers being fined for kiteboarding without supervision, but that is not happening a lot.

kite club, Greece
greece kiteboarding club
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Where to stay for kite in Greece

Greece us a super touristic destination, so there are plenty hotels everywhere. Luxurious resorts, small guesthouses, villas and apartment for short time rentals. If you travel for family kite vacation an all inclusive hotel is a good choice for you. 

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