Paracuru, Brazil
Best Kite Spot
Sea Lagoon and Wave

Paracuru kitesurf spot is the best Kite spot Brazil. Flat water sea lagoon, at low tide and clean waves breaking on the  reef. The kite spot is few km from Paracuru center, in front of the Quebramar barraca where you can rest, eat, drink and store your staff.

Paracuru is a small beach town, in central Ceara, Brazil. Paracuru a lot of restaurants, bars, hotels and pousadas. Paracuru has everything you need, kitesurf clubs that give lessons rentals and organize kitesurfing downwind trips. Kite repair shops, gear shops, car rental and tour organizers.

Getting to Paracuru is easy with a normal car, but way to the spot can be tricky, so check the road map before going.

Paracuru, Brazil.  kite beach at low tide. Open sea lagoon with waves outside
kite brazil paracuru beach at low tide


Paracuru Brazil Kite beach, reef breaks
Paracuru Brazil Kite beach reef break wave

Paracuru Brazil  Kite beach
The best kitesurfing spot !

Paracuru's kite beach with its single barraca Quebra-Mar, is located about 10 minutes of tricky drive from the village center. There are no hotels or pousadas on the beach, so you can just hang out in the barraca all day, use its facilities, have refreshing drinks and enjoy great food.

Paracuru Brazil Kite beach, Quebramar restaurant at low tide
Paracuru Brazil Kitebeach Quebramar barraca at low tide


Paracuru Brazil Kite beach, Quebramar restaurant at high tide
Paracuru Brazil Quebramar barraca at high tide

Wind is strong and steady, blows around 20-26 knots at season and can get stronger. The wind blows from side shore to slightly side onshore. Wind usually gets lighter at the end of the day, so for a sunset session you may need a bigger kite.

Beach is Large, wide and sandy with a lot of place for the gear. The spot is bounded by reef with fish poles on the east (downwind) and a reef on the west (upwind).  Keep distance from the fish poles because waves and current can push you in their direction. At low tide, watch out for reef and rocks directly under water, that is usually seen well.

Paracuru Brazil Kite beach, fish poles and reef downwind side of the lagoon
kite brazil paracuru fish poles at low tide


Kite Conditions are best at low tide with flat water inside the reef. At high tide, you still enjoy the clean Wave break on the reef outside, but water inside turns to medium chop with medium beach breaks. When you ride outside to the waves, you have a good chance of meeting a sea turtle.

Paracuru Brazil Kite beach, up wind side, at mid and low tide
Paracuru Brazil Kite beach at mid tide  Paracuru Brazil Kite beach up wind side at low tide

Get to Kite Beach, from the village main square southeast point, you turn right (north east), pass three streets, turn left and right, then follow the road that takes you between the dunes. Turn right at the T junction and after 1.5 km you see the barraca on your left. Basically stick to the east, once your out of the village its easy.  

Paracuru, Brazil kite beach map
paracuru brazil kite beach map

Paracuru, Brazil
Kite spots around,
downwind kitesurfing trips

You may never want to leave Paracuru amazing kite spot. But if you do, there are some nice kitesurfing spots and downwind kite trips. Since Paracuru is popular great spot, that drag a lot of kite surfers during season. On weekends, its a good time to explore more spots around.

Curu river mouth, is nice flat water spot at high tide. Wind is steady near the sea and gets gusty up the river. Beach is sandy and big.  Kitesurfing in the river mouth has  time restrictions, to protect young fish habitats. You can ride in front of the river mouth at the ocean side  and consult the locals about kite surfing possibilities in the river mouth.

Downwind to Lagoinha. Start at the downwind side of Paracuru village and then kite downwind to Lagoinha passing Camboas beach on the way. The begging of the ride is lovely, but the last part is challenging. You need to kite around the rocky part before Lagoinha bay, and then stay inside to avoid wind shelter near the beach. At high tide with north swell, you get the beautiful wave breaking in-front of Lagoinha cliff.

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