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Paracuru, Brazil - Get to the best kite spot !

Paracuru is 90km from Fortaleza,  driving takes around 1.5h, and a bus ride around 2.5h.  Paracuru is easily reached by road,  from other spots as Cumbuco, Taiba, or Lagoinha   but driving out of Fortaleza airport is tricky business. You can Downwind to Paracuru, and drive at the beach and the shoreline roads, from Cumbuco and Taiba.  

Paracuru, Brazil - Road map

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By car. drive on CE-085, at Paracuru roundabout turn right, drive for 14 km straight until the main square . . To get to the Kite spot, turn right at the southeast point of the squere, pass three streets, turn left and right, then follow the road that takes you between the dunes. Turn right at the T junction and after 1.5 km you see the barraca on your left.  CE-085 is easy to reach from Cumbuco, Taiba , and Lgoinha, but can be tricky to reach from Fortaleza airport.

By 4x4. You can drive at the beach while downwind, from Cumbuco or Taiba. Driving conditions at the beach are dynamic. Transportation options depend on tide, seasonal lagoons and more.  So consult the locals, and plan well.  Local driver is a good choice. 

By bus Pegasus (tel: 85 3256.5100)  bus Company, offers 6 daily busses from Fortaleza to Paracuru. Unfortunately this company don't operate from the airport, so you need a ride to the  buss station. For mode details, read Brazil transportation section. The trip takes around 2.5h , and costs approximately 10R$. There are busses running to Lagoinha, ask around.

By taxi, that can be arranged in any possada. Price depend on the taxi company and the type of the car (4x4 is more expensive)(4, good estimation for price per regular car, is:

  • Fortaleza airport  - 150R$.200
  • Cumbuco -  100R$.
  • Lagoinha - 100R$.

By private transfer can be arranged at any possada at the village, by phone or email. Price around 40R$ per person. 

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