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Get to Jericoacoara

From Fortaleza, Prea

and other kitesurfing spots

Jericoacoara and Prea are approximately 260 km north-east to Fortaleza. You can get there with a Taxi from Fortaleza or any kite village. You can take a bus from Fortaleza. You can drive a regular car up to Prea village and there pump out some air and take a local driver for your car.

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The drive takes around 3.5 hours from Fortaleza or Cumbuco, and 1.5 hours to Ilha do Guajiru. The bus ride takes around 6 hours, and passengers switch to an off road bus at Jijoca. The most exiting way to get to Prea and Jericoacoara is by kitesurfing downwind trip from Cumbuco or any other kite spot on the way. Downwind kitesurfing trip from Cumbuco, can take 3-10 days, or

Kitesurfing down wind trip with an off road pickup kite surfing down wind trip with pickup from taiba to paracuru brazil


Get a Taxi from Fortaleza airport,

or at any kite village

You can arrange a taxi in advance, by calling a driver, or asking from your pousada to arrange one, or you can just step out of the airport and take one of the Taxis waiting there.  Price depend on the taxi company and the type of the car (4x4 is more expensive)(4, good estimation for price per regular car, is:

  • Fortaleza airport  - R$ 400.
  • Cumbuco -  R$ 350.
  • Ilha do Guajiru - R$ 250.

Drive to Jericoacoara / Prea from Fortaleza airport,

Cumbuco or other kite village

To get to Jericoacoara / Prea, you need to go on the CE-085 highway. Unfortunately, Google road maps are incorrect in north east Ceara area, so you can't count on navigation apps. Read the instructions here and in Brazil transportation section, download the map below, follow the signs, and you will make it to Prea village. Road conditions are adequate until Acarau, and Cruz. From Cruz, its a derivable dirt-road until Prea village.

CE-085 highway map between Fortaleza to Jericoacoara / Prea Ceara, north Brazil
Go to all the great kite spot in north Brazil via CE-085 highway
View and download full PDF version


Driving instructions from Fortaleza / Cumbuco to Jericoacoara / Prea,  Brazil

From Cumbuco/Fortaleza area, you get onto the CE-085, and you stay on it for around 250 km, while following the signs to Jericoacoara/Prea. From Cumbuco, you will sea signs for Pecem, Taiba and then Paracuru. After Paracuru, you will be heading towards  Paraipaba. In Paraipaba area, you will see many fruit shops and restaurants on both sides of the road. Its a good place to  stop for refreshments.

Go to all the great kite spot in north Brazil via CE-085 highway
Go to Jericoacoara and Prea, Brazil via CE-085 highway

After Paraipaba area, keep going on the CE-085 towards Itarema. In the following 100 km you mainly pass through native vegetation, and lagoons. You will go around Itarema, follow the signs to Acarau or Jijoca de Jericoacoara, Next village after 15 km is Juritianha, it’s has houses on both sides of the street. Another 15 km further,you will enter the town of Acarau.

Go to all the great kite spot in north Brazil via CE-085 highway
Go to all the great kite spot in north Brazil via CE-085 highway

in Acarau, the CE-085, goes straight until the end of the town, then turn left and leave the town. You pass a big roundabout, with a fish, turn right, towards Cruz.

acarau roundabout on the way to Jericoacoara, brazil

After about 8 km, you will go on a bridge over Acarau river. Keep going straight, and following the sighs to Jericoacoara / Prea, you will pass Cruz on your left, and at Monteiro, you will pass to a dirt road, going to Prea. After 8 km you will be going through a small village called Caicara, when you get to the square, turn right. Follow the road for 5 km more and you get to Prea village.

CE-085 road map from Acarau to Prea, Brazil
Kite Brazil, Acarau Prea road map


From Prea village to the kitesurfing area and most hotels its an off-road with sandy conditions and crick crossing. From Prea village to Jericoacoara its an off-rod conditions and difficult navigation. So, at Prea village, pump some air out and ask around for a driver to drive your car. The cost is R$ 30 for Jericoacoara and around R$ 15 for Prea kite/hotels area.
Cumbuco, Taiba,  Paracuru,  Lagoinha, Flecheiras and Ilha do Guajiru, but can be tricky to reach from Fortaleza airport, read Brazil transportation section.

Kitesurf to Prea / Jericoacoara 

By 4x4. You can drive at the beach while downwind, from Cumbuco, Taiba, Paracuru , Lagoinha, Flecheiras, Icaraizinho and Ilha do Guajiru. Driving conditions at the beach are dynamic. Transportation options depend on tide, seasonal lagoons and more.  Local driver is a good choice. 

Bus to Jericoacoara / Prea

Redencao    bus company (Tel: +55.85 3256.2728) , offers various daily busses departing from several stops in Fortaleza.. The buses are air conditioned with on board toilet and refreshments and  usually, one stop about half way is included.

FretCar  bus company (Tel: +55.85 3402.2244) runs 2 daily buses departures at: 10:00 to arrive  Jericoacoara at 16:30 and 18:30, arriving at midnight. In Jijoca all passengers to Jericoacoara and Prea have to switch to 4x4 open Bus. From now on the bus literally stops exactly where you ask for. One way trip, cost around 40-60R$. Mind that from the airport, you might need a ride to the  buss station. For more details, read Brazil transportation section.

Off road bus, from Jijoca to Jericoacoara, Brazil

off road bus in Jericoacoara kite spot, brazil

Transportation between Prea and Jericoacoara

Hotels in Prea, Jericoacoara and kite clubs around, operate a daily shuttle from Prea to Jericoacoara and back. Usually free for gusts or kitesurfing students, or for a small fee. Buggy ride between Jericoacoara cost around R$ 30.  Bugg

Mind that if you want go to Jericoacoara, straight from Fortaleza airport, you might need to stay a night in Fortaleza. Drivers prefer not to drive at night, and the last bus is around 18.00.

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