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Jericoacoara, Brazil - Kitesurf Strong wind and Party !

Jericoacoara is a lively, colorful and magical village build on the dunes, all the roads and sidewalks are sand. Jericoacoara is 300km northeast of Cumbuco. Jeri has a chilled out atmosphere that attracts a lot of tourists. Jeri is the most expensive spot on the coats, and offer simple to stylish accommodation, restaurants and parties.

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Jericoacoara's sandy and colorful streets and  beach

Kite Brazil Jericoacoara colorful sandy streets  Kite Brazil Jericoacoara colorful kitesurfing beach


Jericoacoara has the strongest wind for kite in the area, and it blows constantly from July to February. The wind is mainly side-off , conditions that attracts windsurfers.   You can do cool kite trips to beautiful lagoons between the dunes, and you can find few kiteable beaches, but for a hard core kitesurf, you should go to Prea.

Jericoacoara beach Kite Brazil Jericoacoara kitesurfing beach

In Jericoacoara, party start at sunset at the sunset dune. Many people climb the dune to see the beautiful sunset in the sea, and enjoy the Atmosphere of the Capoeira circles.

Sunset dune, Jericoacoara - Capoeira circle & Agua de coco salesman
Kite Brazil Jericoacoara capoiera circle  Kite Brazil Jericoacoara Agua de Coco salesman

Jericoacoara is not an easy spot to get to. If you are experienced and adventures, you can get here with a normal car. Otherwise, take a Bus or a Taxi, and use a driver if you rented a 4x4.

The road to Jericoacoara and a 4x4 Bus to Jericoacoara
Kite Brazil, the road to Jericoacoara   Kite Brazil, Jericoacoara. Offroad buss.

Pay attention, It is hard to get cash in Jeri, so bring enough with you.

Kite season in Jericoacoara

Jericoacoara and Prea, has the strongest wind, and the longest season in Ceara, and all Brazil. The best months are August to January, when the wind blows strongly all day, almost every day, at around 28-34 knots. In July and February, you can get still get many (50% - 60%) great kitesurfing days,  with good wind. From March till July, its not recommended to plan a kitesurf trip to Ceara, but if you are around, you can probably enjoy kitesurfing every week.

Wind statistic, Jericoacoara Brazil

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