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Cumbuco, Brazil - Wind forecast for great Kitesurfing

The wind is strong and constant around 18-24 knots at kite season (August - December) During the night, the wind blows side-off and changes to side-on at late morning, enable you to start your open sea kite sessions. In the afternoon, wind turns more on shore, and usually gets stronger.   In Cauipe lagoon, you can kite in every wind direction, so you can start kite boarding early morning, when the wind is still side-off. When you look at the forecast, look at the cloud cover, and perception forecast. Clear sky, or just some high clouds, usually predicts a constant wind. Mind that the wind in Ceara area, at season, is stronger then the forecast, due to the local thermal effect of the huge warm dunes.

Best spots for wave riding at Cumbuco area are at Icarai, in front of Villa Gale and at Pecem harbors. Powerful beach breaks can be found at the downwind from Villa gale to Pecem

Cumbuco, Brazil - wind and wave forecast for great kite sessions !



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