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Cumbuco - Brazil
The Kite Capital 

Cumbuco, capital of the kite of Brazil. Great Wind, great kite facilities. Cumbuco is only 50km from Fortaleza airport, so Its the first destination of most kitesurfer's.

Cumbuco has everything you need for great kitesurfing: fabulous kite conditions of every day strong steady wind and wide sandy beaches. Many Kite clubs in Cumbuco, supply  kite lessons, kite rentals, and organized dwonwind kitesurfing trips. In Cumbuco village you have Kite repair shops, gear shops, many restaurants and great kite accommodation. 

At day, kite in Cumbuco village, kite downwind to the lagoon, then kiteboard and chill-out at the barraca in Cauipe lagoon. In the evening, enjoy the lovely village center, or ride to Fortaleza for serious party. The locals are friendly, helpful and hospitable , which adds to the relaxes atmosphere in this pleasant village.

Kite Cumbuco Brazil, Main Facts

Best Season: August - December, July and January can be good as well.
Main Wind: Steady Wind, 18-26 knots, side-shore,  every day at season. Perfect Wind for kite.
Main kite size: 9 for guy around 80kg, 7 for a girl around 55kg.
Weather: Warm, no wetsuits.
Kite Lagoons: Popular Cauipe lagoon, Tabuba lagoon.
Kite Beginners: Good. Many kite clubs and the lagoon.
Accommodation: Hotels, Pousadas, Houses and Apartments at the kite spots.
Kite Beaches: Mostly wide and sandy, can get smaller on high tide.
Kite services: Kite clubs, lessons, rentals, repairs and kite trips.
Downwind trips: Cumbuco to Cauipe lagoon.
Get to Cumbuco: Fly to Fortaleza, then drive 40-60 minutes.
Night life: Few bars and many restaurants. For serious clubbing go to Fortaleza.


Local riders Kite at the famous Cauipe lagoon, Cumbuco, Brazil

Cumbuco, Brazil

Kite at the village

In Cumbuco, you can kite up and downwind along all 4 km of the sandy village's beach, and stop for fresh juice, or Accai at beach bars. Cumbuco's center is crowded with swimmers , fishermen’s and kite surfers especially during weekends. Respect other and avoid kiting near swimmer.

Cumbuco, Brazil, Kitesurfing in the center of the village
Kite Brazil Combuco central beach

Cumbuco, Brazil - The kitesurfing area between the village and Cauipe lagoon

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Wind and Weather

Cumbuco Brazil

The Wind is perfect. Its strong and constant and blows at kite season around 18-26 knots, and can get stronger. The wind usually blows side-off in the morning and turn to side-on around 11.00. Usually, the wind drop down around 15.00, to allow relaxed sunset sessions with bigger kites. Weather conditions are perfect with 27-29 degree constant ocean-temperature and 26-32 air temperature.

Kiteboarding sunset in Cauipe Lagoon, Cumbuco, Brazil
Kite Brazil Combuco qauipe Lagoon sunset kitesurfing

The beach in Cumbuco

kite capital of Brazil

The beach and sea surface are sandy, without rocks or sea shells. At low tide, beach size is big. At high tide, there is not much apace in the center, and the sea gets closer to the coconut palms in the northern part of the village.

Cumbuco, Brazil - Kitesurfing beach at low tide
Cumbuco, Brazil - Kitesurfin beach at low tide

Sea condition for kite

at Cumbuco Brazil

Water conditions are small chop to small wind swell, at low tide, and medium chop with powerful beach breaks at high tide. The water is flatter in the center, and Nice waves can be found at an invisible sand bar, few hundred meters inside. The chop and beach break gets stronger towards the downwind part of the village, and wave start at the downwind end of the village, and gets bigger, towards Cauipe lagoon.

Cumbuco, Brazil - Kitesurfing beach at the village center on high tide
Cumbuco, Brazil - Kitesurfing beach at high tide

The famous kite Lagoon,


Cauipe Lagoon is a flat freshwater lagoon, right at the beach, 7km downwind from Cumbuco's center. The south part is for beginners and kite lessons, so respect that! the north part is where the action is, Barracas, buggy drivers and pro's flying around. Water level depends on rainfall, can be very shallow at some parts and quite deep in others. The lagoon is quite crowded all season, especially at weekends. Its fun to hang out there all day, but best to kite is early in the morning, or at the end of the day. A buggy ride back costs 40 R$ and usually shared by 4 riders. You can get there, by normal car via villa gale road. Consult the locals view the map in "Getting there" section.

Cumbuco, Brazil - Buggy service at Cauipe Lagoon
Cumbuco, Brazil - Buggy service at the kiteboarding lagoon

Downwind kitesurfing  

Cumbuco  to the lagoon

Downwind from Cumbuco village to Cauipe lagoon is an around 1 hour ride. After the village, the bay slightly turns, and conditions become more wavy. In front of the isolated Barraca, you can find nice peeling waves. You continue and get to the coconut grove, from here, beach break is powerful and some rocks on the water line at medium Tide. If it gets to wavy or something wrong with your kite, you can catch a buggy from Vila Gale beach.

Cumbuco, Brazil  - Kitesurfing Downwind  to Cauipe lagoon,
the wavy part on low tide
Cumbuco, Brazil - kitesurfing down wind to the lagoon

Kite Beginners

at Cumbuco Brazil

Cumbuco is good for beginners. A complete beginner, can take a kite course at one of the kite clubs. an intermediate beginner, can have launch and land service, and kite with supervision of kite instructors. Best conditions for beginners are at Cauipe lagoon, and in front the center at low tide. 

Best time for beginners lessons at Cauipe lagoon is from 15:00. Wind is lighter, and the lagoon is not too crowded.

Nine year old child, learn to kite at Cauipe lagoon, Cumbuco Brazil

Kitesurfer hotels,

houses and apartments

Kitesurfing area in Cumbuco spread on few kilometers of sandy beach, so you can find many kite-in-front accommodations. Beach pousadas, apartment and houses for vacation rentals can be found in Cumbuco. Main kite spot is at the center, where water are flattest at low tide, but you can kite all along the beach.

At season, Book in Advance ! Popular hotels and houses are very busy and might be fully booked at the dates you want.

Cumbuco, Brazil - Great hotels for kitesurfer's. accomodation, Houses, Apartments, at the kite beach


Kite Brazil Combuco sunset beach hotel

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