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Cumbuco, Brazil - kite spots and downwind kitesurfing trips in the area

You can enjoy weeks of kitesurfing in Cumbuco. Flat water in front of the center, wave riding to Cauipe lagoon, and free style in the popular lagoon. But, Cumbuco area has even more to offer. Lovely waves at the surfing at Icarai village up wind from Cumbuco. Nice freshwater batter flat lagoon at Tabuba village, up wind from Cumbuco. Great wave spot at Pecem Harbor that works well on a north swell. Great long kitesurfing trips at the area between Icarai, Tabuba, Cumbuco, Pecem and Taiba.

Youri Zoon Kiteboarding at Tabuba Lagoon, Cumbuco Brazil


Cumbuco, Brazil  - kitesurfing spots in the area

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Icarai, Brazil - Surfing village, up wind from Cumbuco

Icarai beach is located ten kilometers up-wind from Cumbuco. Icarai is a well known surf spot, and the village has a lovely surfing atmosphere. The swell runs cleanly to the beach, and you can find up to 2m waves already hundred meters in the sea. The surfing spot is directly in front of the barracas (beach restaurants), but there is no beach for kite launching, and the water are packed with surfers and swimmers, especially on weekends.

The Kitesurf zone is anywhere, left to the barracas, down to Tabuba lagoon. Wind blows side-shore to slightly side-on-shore. Best wave conditions are at low to medium tide. Close out waves and beach breaks at high Cumbuco

To get there get a taxi, a buggy or the regular bus from Cumbuco center. You can easily drive there, from Cumbuco head east, the direction to Fortaleza, the road runs along the beach, you cross above Tabuba lagoon on the bridge, and turn left before the small hill.

Tabuba, Brazil - Freshwater batter flat Lagoon

Even the locals don't have one name for this lagoon. Its called Tabuba, Icarai or "the bridge" lagoon. The lagoon is seasonal and depending on rain fall at the wet season, so when come from Fortaleza airport and cross the bridge above it , check to see its water level.

Cumbuco, Brazil - Tabuba freshwater batter flat lagoon for kiteboaring
cumbuco, brazil - tabuba, kiteboarding lagoon

To get to the lagoon, you can take a buggy by the beach, a Taxi, or ride the local bus to Icarai, that stops at the main road. To drive a car, you just go in Cumbuco's main road the direction of Fortaleza, after you cross the bridge, turn left to the dirt roads, and be careful not to get stuck.

Cumbuco, Brazil - Bus station and bus ride from Cumbuco to Tabuba lagoon
cumbuco, brazil - bus stop for tabuba kiteboarding lagoon

The lagoon is small and suitable for 4-5 kite surfers, but its usually empty. The sea is 30m of sand away, and you can walk there with your kite. The wind is stable and the direction is convenient and allows you to use the wide part of the lagoon. Be careful, very sharp rocks are on the bottom in specific places which are marked with small buoy’s. Don't go to close to the bridge, the wind is dropping there. To hang out in the lagoon, set up on the upwind beach, and bring water and snacks. The barraca there is open only on weekends, and then the lagoon is full of swimmers and fishermen’s.

 Tabuba / Bridge Lagoon for kiteboarding, near Cumbuco, Brazil
cumbuco, brazil - tabuba, kiteboarding lagoon

Praia do Pecem, Kitesurfing spot near Cumbuco, Brazil

Pecem is famous for its special but notoriously inconsistent conditions. Pecem spot works at a north swell, so if you get lucky, you can ride clean long peeling waves up to 2.5m. Local riders can make 12 turns on the same wave ! The kitesurfing area borders are submerging rock at the up wind side, and the downwind border is in front the fishing poles, before the end of the small lagoons.

Pecem, near Cumbuco Brazil, Kitesurfing wave session. Rider: Eduardo Fajardo

Pecem, near Cumbuco Brazil, Kite wave spot map

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Don't go to much downwind, the wind is sheltered, and the current can drag your board deep inside. Conditions are best at low tide, when the tide is pushing in. This spot is not for beginners. The Wind is side-shore to side-off depend on location, can get gusty due to Pecem port location.

North swell in Pecem kitesurfing spot near Cumbuco, Brazil
kite brazil north swell in Pecem near Cumbuco

The spot is located downwind from the port, in front of the containers and the small lagoon. You can get there by buggy or 4x4 driving at the beach from Cumbuco. With a regular car, the navigation to the beach road, is little tricky. From Cumbuco, you go on Vila Gale road, and after Cauipe lagoon, you get on the beach road leading to the port. Another option is to drive via CE-085 road, and follow the signs to Pecem. Best is to go downwind from Cumbuco, then you have to land your kite to pass the sea road from the port. Hire a buggy to escort you, or make an appointment with a buggy to take you back to the village.This spot and downwind are for the experienced riders, that advised to consult local riders about hazards on the way and at the spot. Mind that before the port, there are a lot of big rocks at the beach, you can exit right after the rocks, before the bridge.

kitesurfing Downwind from Cumbuco to Pecem
kite brazil down wind Cumbuco to Pecem

Downwind Kitesurfing Trips, at Cumbuco area

In addition to the popular downwind from Cumbuco to Cauipe, you can practically ride all the way from Icarai to Taiba, but it needs some organizing and transportation.

Icarai to Cumbuco. This is a nice downwind trip, you can enjoy waves at Icarai, visit Tabuba Lagoon if its full of water and empty from surfers, and and up at your hotel, or at Cauipe lagoon. The beach is mostly sundry without obstacles, and there are many places to spot for refreshments. All you need is a buggy drop off at the beginning. If you have an escorting buggy, pay attention that its not allowed to drive on the beach of Cumbuco village, and the it needs to go around.

Cauipe to Pecem This part is wavy. Powerful beach breaks, and waves inside tend to be closeout. Wind is side-on to on-shore, and there are some rocks on the beach line. You can reach up to the port's see road, there you can not pass kiting. There is nothing in the area, so escorting car is safer. Another un recommended option is make an appointment with a buggy driver to pick you up at Pecem.

Downwind to Pecem, beach break in front Cauipe lagoon
 kite brazil down wind Cumbuco to Pecem beach break infront Cauipe lagoon

Pecem to Taiba. Nice downwind, with a lot of flat water by the beach, especially straight after Pecem. The wind is side to side-side-on, and might be slightly side-off-shore near Pecem. There is nothing on the way so escorting car is safer. The last part, around Taiba's cliff is not recommended, due to submerging rocks and wind shelters. A car can not go on the beach around Taiba's cliff, and is a stream to cross before Pecem , that is crossable only at low Tide.

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