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Cumbuco - Get there

Cumbuco is 40km from Fortaleza,  driving takes around 50m, and a bus ride around 2.5h.  Navigating out and in Fortaleza, is not trivial. Cumbuco is easily reachable by road,  from other spots as Taiba, Paracuru, or Jericoacoara but navigating on the small roads, when you leave the main CE-085 road, can be confusing.

Cumbuco, Brazil - Road map to Kite spots in the area

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Get to kite Cumbuco

from Fortaleza airport

By car. Nevigating out of Fortaleza airport, can be confusing. Read nevigation instructions and tips in Transportation section. Basicly you need to get to CE-090 main road that runs along the beach througt Icarai, Tabuba villages, and then Cumbuco.

By bus.  Getting to Cumbuco with a bus from Fortaleza airport is not simple. You need to take an Urban 404 bus to the Beira Mar, the hotels area at the beach, and then take a bus to Cumbuco. The ride from Fortaleza to Cumbuco,  takes around 2.5h , and costs approximately R$ 3. Vitoria bus company, operate Fortaleza -  Cumbuco lines.

By taxi. You can catch a taxi, right outside the airport, or you can be arranged it at any pousada. Price depend on the taxi company and the type of the car (4x4 is more expensive)(4, good estimation for price per regular car, is R$ 80-100R$. 

Getting from Cumbuco

to other kite spots

By Bus. Unfortunately Cumbuco is not comfortable connected by bus to other kite spots. To go to Paracuru, Jericoacoara or Ilha do Guajiru, you need to take a bus to Fortaleza or Caucaia, and then change a bus.

By Car. From Cumbuco you need to go on the CE-085 main road that leads to the great kite spots in north Brazil. 

By Taxi. Taxi can be arranged at any pousada, or Taxi companie. Taxi to Jericoacoara costs around R$ 350-400.

By Private transportation service for kitesurfer's. A daily minibus that depart from Fortaleza airport, go through Cumbuco, Ilha do Guajiru to Jericoacoara. The minibus will pick you up at your pousada, and drop you At your destination pousada.

Getting to Kite spots

in Cumbuco area

You can reach Cauipe kite lagoon and Pecem kitesurfing spot, with regular car. You can drive on the dirt roads, going behind the dunes, via Villa gale. For this rout, some off road driving knowledge is needed. Other option, is to drive around on the CE 085.

To Tabuba kite Lagoon, you can get by regular car, or a bus that go from Cumbuco, every 15 minutes or so.

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