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In most kite villages you don't need a car. For downwind kite trips, a buggy or 4x4 pickup is usefull. You can rent a car or a pickup at Fortaleza for all your trip, or rent in your kite village a car, 4x4 or buggy just for few days trip. Driving on main roads is eassy, but entering the kite villages, can be confusing.

Taxi's are eassy to find everywhere,  You can ask your pousada to call you one, or catch one yourself. Busses are comfatable and cheap, but kite spots are not so well connected. Helicopter flight to your kite spot is the coolest option.

Go to all the great kite spot in north Brazil via CE-085 highway
Go to all the great kite spot in north Brazil via CE-085 highway


Taxi's are everywhere

Get a Taxi from Fortaleza airport or from any kite village

You just need to step out of the airport and take one of the Taxis waiting there. You can arrange a taxi in advance, by calling a driver, or asking from your pousada to arrange one.

Taxi from Fortaleza airport to:

  • Cumbuco, 45km, 1h, around R$ 100
  • Jericoacoara  300km, around R$ 350, 3.5h

Taxis are not cheap, but easy to find everywhere for a short ride or a few days trip. Just ask around, or ask your hotel to arrange you one.

Kitesurfing down wind trip with an off road pickup kite syrfing down wind trip with pickup from taiba to paracuru brazil

Rent a Car, Prickup or Buggy

You can rent a Car or an off road Pickup, at Fortaleza airport or at your kite village. Buggy's are rented in Cumbuco and other kite villages.

Car rental prices:

  • Car rental costs around R$ 70-100 per day, for a small simple car.
  • Pickup costs around R$ 400 a day.
  • Buggy rental is around R$ 100-150.

You can rent a car or a pickup at the airport. A simple car can be rented at Cumbuco or at any other popular kite villages, but Pickup is harder to find, so better rent one in Fortaleza. If you rent at the airport, you will need to drive out of Fortaleza, tricky but achievable mission. Some car rental companies might charge your credit card after the rental period is finished. so check your credit card billings and notify your credit card company for inappropriate billing. 

Rent a Buggy for kitesurfing downwind trips

Renting a buggy costs around R$ 100-120 a day, and a driver cost additional R$ 50. Buggy is great fun, You can rent one and drive yourself, or even better is to rent one with a driver. That way you can focus on your downwinds, and have the buggy escort you. Mind that driving a buggy on the beach at low tide, is easy, but passing rivers and driving in deep sand, can be quit challenging. Mind that buggy is rented without fuel, so your first stop should be the gas station.

A buggy ride at high tide, from Cauipe lagoon back to Cumbucokite trip with a buggy from Cumbuco to Cauipe lagoon


Ride the Bus to Kite spots in North Brazil

Busses are cheap and comfortable, main disadvantage is the connectivity. There are almost no busses departing from the airport, so you need a ride to a bus station. Kite villages are not connected by busses, and you usually need to get to the closest big city to catch a bus.  Busses are especially worthwhile if you go up north. For example a buss trip to Ilha do Guajiru, cost around R$ 30, while a taxi costs around R$ 300. It's a good idea to buy a ticket in advance, on the web, especially for long rides at high season. In each kite spot section, you will find the bus companies that go there.

Fly to kite spots by an Helicopter

The coolest way to get to kite spots is an helicopter flight!  For Helicopter flights and rentals of this beutiful villa:

Email Marcelo the helicopter pilot Email Marcelo the helicopter pilot

The helicopter parking at a beautiful villa in Icaraizinho
helicopter flight to kite spots in ceara, brazil

Driving and navigating to Kite spots in north Brazil

The CE-085 high way is your main road to reach the best kite spots in Ceara, north Brazil. Unfortunately, CE-085 is not marked correctly in Google maps, so navigation application will give you wrong routs. Download the PDF official map for CE-085, read our "Get there" sections for each kite spot and follow the signs.

CE-085 highway map, use it to go to all the great kite spots in Ceara, north Brazil
Go to all the great kite spot in north Brazil via CE-085 highway


Driving and navigating from Fortaleza airport

When you drive out from Fortaleza, for Cumbuco, you need to get on the CE-090, and for other kite spots, you need to get on the CE-085 highway. To navigate out of Fortaleza, you can use a good map, or a navigation application. Remember that if you don't have a local SIM, you need to download the maps in advance, so you can use them offline. Do that at home, since there is no free/good WiFi in European and Brazilian airports. If you an Android phone, you can download Google maps easily, watch the following YouTube video. If you have an iPhone, its harder to accomplish. You can download maps to cash memory, simply by going over the rout, at many zoom levels. This is not the safest way, but it works for us every time. We at Go-kite.com where checking a lot of free app's that claim to download maps for offline usage, but didn't found one to do that. We and all the rest kite surfers, will appreciate an info for an iPhone, and any other phone, app that can download maps for offline usage.

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Important facts about driving to kite spots in north Brazil

Important notice: CE-085 and many of Brazilian high ways has only 2 lanes. To turn left, you don't stand in the middle of the high way, you go to the right school (the road side), and there wait for a chance to turn left.

Avoid driving by night. The roads are very dark, and full with strolling donkeys and cows. If you drive by night, go slowly and look carefully.

donkeys on the road, kite ceara brazil

Driving at the beach is prohibited in all villages, and at weekends there is Police presence to enforce that. You can drive the deserted beaches, and pass to the beach road when approaching a village. If you drive, please respect locals, swimmers and other fellow kite surfers.

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