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Suggested Kitesurfing Trip from Cumbuco to Jericoacoara

If its your first time to kite in Brazil, and you want to enjoy the great kitesurf scene here, you can do what most kite surfers do, the basic kite trip. In this suggested rout, You hop between the hottest spots, and run few great downwinds. First, you fly to Fortaleza, and head to Cumbuco. In Cumbuco you enjoy the great kite conditions, and the famous Cauipe lagoon. Paracuru, the amazing spot, is you next destination. You can stay in Paracuru village for some time, or drive for daily trips from Cumbuco. Wait for the right tide, and go to the huge tidal lagoon, Ilha do Guajiru. You can stay here few days, or keep driving to Jericoacoara and Prea for great party and strong wind kite-surfing. The kite trip described here is flexible and easy to organize.

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First, you fly to Fortaleza, and head to Cumbuco. The ride from the airport takes an hour. You can ask your pousada, or any traveling operator, to organize a pick up for you. The cost is around 70-100 R$ for a regular taxi. Driving out of Fortaleza is tricky, so if you want to hire a car in the airport and drive, organize well with GPS, maps etc. Some parts of Fortaleza are unfriendly, especially at night. Car or 4x4 can be rented in Cumbuco, Paracuru Ilha do Guajiru and Jericoacoara as well.

Cumbuco, Brazil - Cauipe Lagoon
kite brazil Cumbuco, Qauipe lagoon

In Cumbuco, if you want to stay at the most popular Pousadas by the beach, at high season, you better book a room in advance. Rest of the lodging can be organized on the go. In Cumbuco you can easily stay a week or more, enjoying the place and organizing for your next stop. Kitesurf infrastructure is highly developed, Schools, shops, rentals and repair. Kitesurfing conditions are highly enjoyable, flat water, downwinds and the famous Cauipe lagoon. Tourism is well developed as well, lovely pousadas, with grass loan and compressor. Nice restaurants, bars, juice bars, beach bars, bakery, supermarkets, just name it.

Search hotels and pousadas in Cumbuco at the following search boxes, compare prices and book in advanced for kite season. Most reservations have free cancelation. More options and details at Cumbuco Hotels and Houses.

kite in front of your room - Duro beach Hotel in Cumbuco
kite brazil Cumbuco, Duro beach kitesurfing hotel

Paracuru, the fabulous kite spot, is you next station. You can stay Paracuru village, or have daily trips from Cumbuco. Driving from Cumbuco to Paracuru on the high way takes around an hour. The great downwind, Taiba to Paracuru, can be reached easily with a 4x4 from Cumbuco or Paracuru by an 1/2 - 1 hour drive. If you like waves, you may want to stay in Taiba and drive or kite downwind to Paracuru.

Wait for the right Tide, and head Ilha do Guajiru. The drive there takes around 2.5 hours from Cumbuco or Paracuru. You can kite all day and keep going to Jericoacoara for another 1.5 hours drive, or stay for few days in the pousadas by the lagoon.

Ilha do Guajiru, Brazil - Kiteboarding in the huge flat water Lagoon
kite brazil ilha do Gaujiru, kiteboarding

Jericoacoara is your most northern destination. The wind is strong and blows frequently above 30 knots. You can stay in Jericoacoara where the party is, or in Prea if you like to sleep and launch at the same spot. Jericoacoara is a lively touristic village with cool hippy atmosphere. Lodging, dining and party options are plenty. In Prea you have 3 eco luxurious hotels and some simple pousadas in the village. Hotels and kite clubs operate daily chattels from Jeri to Prea and back. Kitesurf in Prea is a great experience with strong side shore wind on a wide sandy beach. Do the downwind from Prea at sunset, and ask the local operators about 4x4 trips to special spots in the lagoons around.

Tatajuba Lagoon near Jericoacoara, Brazil
kite brazil tatajuba lagoon near Jericoacoara

Get to the popular kite spots

You can reach all the described spots by car, but driving to Jericoacoara is tricky. Last part of the ride is done on unmarked poor condition dirt roads. With a 4x4 you will appreciate some help in navigation, and in a regular car, you need developed off road abilities. Best way is to drive to Prea village, there you can easily find a local driver for your car. A taxi can take you the spots as well. From Cumbuco to Paracuru or Taiba its around R$ 100, to Ilha do Guajiru its around R$ 250, and to Jeri its around R$ 300-350. All spots are reachable by bus, for details, check "Get there" section for each spot.

Offroad Bus to Jericoacoara
kite brazil Jericoacoara offroad bus

Great transportation service for kite surfers.

A daily minibus that depart from Fortaleza airport, go through Cumbuco, Ilha do Guajiru to Jericoacoara.
The minibus will pick you up at your pausada, and drop you At your destination pousada.
The minibus depart from Fortaleza airport at 06:00,
Pickup at seaside hotels in Fortaleza starts at 07:30.
Pickup at Cumbuco posadas at 09:00.
Arrival to Ilha do Guajiru at 11:00.
Arrival at Jericoacoara around 14:00.
Departure back from Jericoacoara to Fortaleza starts the pickup at 09:00.
Prices per person around R$ 80. This is Brazil, so relax and allow 1-2 hours delay.
For reservation contact Marco Antonoio at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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