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Tide for Kite
North Brazil

Tide is very influential on kite conditions at north Brazil. Water conditions at sea and beach size change with tide. Some lagoons like Ilha do Guajiru don't have enough water for kite at low tide. Some kite spots like Paracuru and Barra Grande have flat conditions only on low tide. So when you go to a kite trip, plan according to tide tables.

Ilha do Guajiru, same boats same fence, different tide kite brazil ilha do guajiru main beach at low tide   kite brazil ilha do guajiru at high tide

Here are likns to official Brazilien tide tables. If you need other months, go to the tides website and get information for each date. 

Kite Cumbuco to Jeri
Tide Table

For Cumbuco, Taiba, Paracuru, Lagoinha, Guajiru, Flexeiras, Icaraizinho, Olha do Guajiru, Prea and Jericoacoara, you can use tide table of Pecem's port. Mind that as you move up wind, shift the times forward. For Jericoacoara, shift the times 15-30 seconds.

Pecem Tide Table: February 2017

Paracuru Brazil Kite beach at low tide
Paracuru Brazil kite beach. kitesurfing at low tide


Kite Jeri to Barra Grande
Tide Table

For kite spots after Jericoacoara up to Barra Grande, use the tide table of Louis Corerreia port.

Luis Correia Tide Table: February 2017

kiteboarding in Bara Grande flat shallow sea at low tide
kiteboarding in Barra grande Brazil, at flat sea water lagoon


Kite South Fortaleza
Tide Table

For Canoa Quebrada, Uruau, Barra Nova and other spots south to Fortaleza, use Tide Table of Fortaleza's port:

Fortaleza Tide Tabe: February 2017

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