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For great kite vacation in Brazil, fly to FortalezaPinto Martins airport (FOR). Direct flight from Lisbon to Fortaleza, takes around 7.5 hours and a direct flights from New York to Fortaleza, takes around 10 hours.  Major airports in Europe and USA, are connected to Sao Paulo, by a 12-14 hours flight.  From Sao Paulo to Fortaleza,  it's another 3.5 hours flight with TAM or GOL. In USA,  major cities are connected to Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. From USA if you can't find a direct flight to Fortaleza, look for connection in Miami, then Maneus, or Belem. USA citizens and Canadians, read about visas in the Brazil Kite Trip Advisor section. Flying to Brazil from Europe or USA is not cheap, and Fortaleza is not on the main flying routs. To save money and fly comfortably, plan ahead and check your options.

Fortaleza Brazil, Airport and kite beach
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Tips for flying via Sao Paulo

You have to collect your luggage, and check it in again, even if you where told otherwise by your travel agency or flight company.

 According to airline policie, You usually get to wait 6 hours in Sao Paulo, but that is completely unnecessary. Once you have your luggage, go directly to Tam desk, and ask if there is a earlier flight to Fortaleza, most of the time, they will put you on an earlier flight.  

Map of Flight routs to Fortaleza, Brazil

flights to fortaleza brazil
View Flying routs to Fortaleza, Brazil in a larger map

Flights Europe - Fortaleza

There are 3 options:

Direct flight Lisbon to Fortaleza - Fly from Madrid, Milan, London, Paris, Amsterdam etc. to Lisbon then directly to Fortaleza with TAP flight, that arrives daily to Fortaleza Airport in the morning.

Direct charter flight to Fortaleza - Fortaleza receives charter flights from many European cities such as Amsterdam, London, Rome, Zurich Frankfurt, Paris and others.  Flights to Fortaleza, changes every season, so check the following links and the search engines below. Other option is a fly Lufhansa from your city to Frankfury, from their direct charter to Fortaleza. 

Flights Via Sau Paulo or Rio de Janeiro - Most European companies, has flights to Sao Paulo or Rio , then connection with TAM or Gol to Fortaleza. Iberia fly Madrid - Sao Paulo, Al Italia fly Rome - Sao Paulo and so on.

Flights to Fortaleza, Brazil From Italy

meridiana.it -  has weekly direct flight from Milan, Rome and over cities in  Italy to Fortaleza.

Flights to Fortaleza, Brazil From Amsterdam

Fly Brazil -  Weekly charter flights , Amsterdam - Fortaleza. Prices around 800 Euro, for round trip. 

Flights to Fortaleza, Brazil from Germany

TuiFly - Weekly frights Frankfurt - Fortaleza, Price around 750 Euro for round trip.

Condor - Weekly charter flights Frankfurt - Fortaleza.

Flights to Fortaleza, Brazil from UK

cheapflights.co.uk - Many charter flights on this website, from London, NewCastel, Manchester and more.


Flights search engines

Filghts to Fortaleza are dynamic, so check your options at the following search engines:

eDrams.com - You can find here many options, but we don't recommend to buy flights in this website. From our experience there is no service in case you need to change or cancel.

www.expedia.com - From what we heard, its relible to buy tickets in this website.

www.skyscanner.net, www.kayak.com.

Fly to Fortaleza, Brazil from USA

Chicago, New York, Atlanta and other big city's, are well connected to Sao Paulo's  (GRU) and Rio de Janeiro (GIG) .From Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro to Fortaleza it's another 3-3.5 hours flight with TAM or GOL.  From Miami and Orlando, you can fly to Maneus or Belem, and continue to Fortaleza. USA and Canadian citizens, read about visas in Trip Advisor section.  To save costs and fly comfortably, check your options and book ahead. Check the following air lines and travel agencies, and the search engines below:

Brol Travel Agency

Specialize in Brazil and South America. Write them and they will search the best options for you, or check the search engine on their website. 

Travel agancy for kite trip in Brazil

TAM Airlines - Fly to Fortaleza via Sao Paulo and Rio. Usually have the best prices.

Delta , Continental, American Airlines and United .

Fly to Fortaleza from Brazil

and South America

Gol and Tam connects most Brazilian cities and major South American airports, with Fortaleza. 

Combine Kite trip with

other destinations in Brazil

and South America

If you plan to kite travel to several destinations inside Brazil or South America, check the Airpass. Air passes is package of few domestic flights. Air pass must be purchased outside of Brazil in conjunction with an international ticket to Brazil, and give you the Same baggage allowance as your international flight. Airpass to Brazil and South America, can be bough at Brol, TAM and GOL.

travel agency for kite trip in Brazil 

Stay the night in Fortaleza, Brazil

If you travel straight to Jericoacoara, Prea, Barra Grande, Icaraizinho or even Ilha do Guajiru, you may need to stay the night in Fortaleza. To view map and accommodation options, Use the following search boxes. Mind that Hostelworld, specialize in low budget accommodation.

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