Uruaú and Barra Nova,
Kitebording Flat Lagoons !

For different kites experience, go to Uruaú   and Barra Nova area. Flat water , shallow lagoons, to kite almost alone.

As other spots south to Fortaleza, the area is greener, so the wind can be less reliable, and less strong then kite spots north to Fortaleza. Take your biger kites with you. In the flat lagoons you can usually use 9m kites in the open sea size 12m is useful. The lagoons in this area are butter flat, shallow and totally crowed less, so its perfect kite spot for beginners, and free-style kitesurfer's. Mind that most Lagoons in this area are kite-surfable only on high tide, so check Tide Times when you plan your trip here. There are many options to stay at the beach, mainly in Aguas bellas. There are kite facilities and kite school at Uruaú and Barra Nova.

Uruau and Barra Nova Kitesurfing facts

Kite spots:
Lagoons, River mouth and open Ocean.
Best Season:
Agust - December / Januar
Usually around 16-20 knots
Wind direction:
Side on-shore
Good for:
free-style kiteboardiong
Perfect due to shallow, flat, crowed-less lagoons and mild wind

Professional kiteboarder Hannah Whiteley riding at Uruaú - Brazil in december 2011.


Uruaú, Barra Nova and Aguas Bellas - Kite Lagoons map

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Kiteboarding Uruaú, Brazil

In Uruaú you can find small lagoon right by the beach. This lagoon is seasonal, and its size depend on rain fall. Around 2 km inland you can find a freshwater lagoon reachable by 4x4.

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The wind direction is side shore to side onshore . Same as all spots south to Fortaleza, the wind is weaker and less consistent. It blows around 14-18 knots and can get stronger.

Water conditions are flat in the small seasonal lagoon by the beach, and choppy to small wind waves in the ocean.

Freshwater lagoon can be found at around 2 km inland. The south bank is covered with vegetation, and there is no place to mind the gear. The north bank is surrounded by dunes. Small place by the barracas to lunch and land.  Wind is gusty near the dunes due to their shelter. Kite zone is reachable with 4x4 vehicle.

Kiteboard Barra Nova, Brazil

Barra Nova is a spot located inside Choro river mouth, around 20 km north to Uruaú .At high tide the river mouth filing creating large flat shallow lagoon, at low tide moderate space in the lagoon, and you can kite out to the ocean. Cars can cross the river with a ferry that costs 10 R$ for a ride.

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Kiteboard Aguas Bellas, Brazil

Aguas belas lagoon, located 10 km north of Barra Nova, near Caponga village. The lagoon is created at high tide inside river Mal Cozinhado mouth. The wind is steady, and blowing side shore to side on shore. 4x4 Cars can cross the river with a ferry that costs 10 R$ for a ride.

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