Taiba, Brazil
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Kiteboarding in the Lagoon. 

Taiba is a lovely fisherman village, surrounded by coconut palms and white sand dunes. Nice Kiteboarding Lagoon and best wave kitesurfing in Ceara.

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Youtube clip with nice photos of Taiba lagoon and surroundings. Youtube surfing in Taiba.

Kitesurfing in Taiba

Kitesurf here is great. Wave lovers, can ride the constant wave anywhere from the end of the bay, to the lagoon and beyond. Flat water lovers can ride in seasonal lagoon. And the best kitesurfing part is the great kisurfing downwind from Taiba to Paracuru.

The wave is constant and powerfull. The surfing beach is at the end of the bay, and are few very goos surfer's there. The surfing spot called Taibinha if you want to look it up in the surfer's websites.

The wind is perfect and blows at season 18-28 knots, side-on-shore from 10-11 till around 15, then usually drops a bit, before sunset. Weather conditions are perfect as well with 25-27 degrees  ocean and air temperature is 26-32.

In Taiba the center is located on the cliff and its imposable to kite there. If you come by kitesurfing downwind trip, you should stay outside, because the cliff creates wind shelter in the bay. You can kitesurf any where downwind or upwind from the cliff.

Beach and sea surface in the village, are mostly sandy, with few small stones and sea shells. The beach is large at any tide conditions.

Water Conditions changing from big wind waves and powerful closeout beach break at high tide, to medium wind waves and chop at low tide.

Kiteboarding Taiba lagoon

Taiba lagoon is freshwater shallow flat lagoon, 4km downwind from Taiba, Lagoon size depends on the rainfall each year,  but its  usually big enough for few kite surfers to enjoy. There are some submerging rocks in the downwind part of the lagoon, and it can get crowded in the high season. You can kitesurf downwind on powerful waves to the lagoon. You can drive to the kiteboarding Lagoon with regular car, but roads can get too sandy near the Lagoon, so Buggy is a better choice.

Taiba, Brazil Kiteboarding lagoon

kiteboarding taiba lagoon brazil ceara
Photo by the talented Hila Myost


Kitesurfng Taiba to Paracuru

The Downwind Taiba to Paracuru is better done with guidance, at least the first time. At low tide, the waves are smaller, and the submerging rocks and fish poles can be seen quite well. At high tide, big waves that run from deep inside, submerging rocks and fish poles are hard to spot. You can start anywhere downwind from the bay. The first 7km has waves and beach breaks, then, the beach angle turns, the wind blows less on-shore, and conditions change to smaller waves and chop. Some flat areas can be found on the way, mainly at low tide, and some nice waves few hundred meters inside, in front of the wind mills. Be careful of submerging rocks, and one rusty barrel, that is hard to spot at high tide, especially after the wind mills. If you drive a buggy or 4x4, plan to cross near the lagoon around low tide, otherwise it’s not cross-able.

Taiba Travel info

Taiba is long and narrow, so you will probably need a car or better a buggy to move around. The center is located on the beautiful cliff, and the village is starching from upwind the center, until the lagoon which is 6km downwind. 

Getting to Taiba is easy with a normal car, which you can ride up to the Lagoon.

Taiba has a lot of french people leaving there. In August, Taiba host an Escargot pestival where local restaurants put stands of snails and wine in the main street and the main squere.

Taiba Brazil Escargot festival
kite brazil taiba snail caenival


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