Kite Prea, Brazil
strong wind Paradise !

Prea is a small fishing village near Jericoacoara, and Its actually the kitesurf beach of Jericoacoara. The wind has a perfect side shore direction, and the beach is huge, sandy and clean, this makes Prea, the best strong wind kite spot in north Brazil. 

The road from Kite beach Prea to Jericoacoara village, Brazil

You can stay in Jericoacoara and kitesurf in Prea,  Using the dally shuttles operated by hotels and kitesurf clubs. The big Hotels in Prea, are locates upwind side of the village, on a huge sandy beach, and the kitesurf clubs are located right at the beach. Nature lovers, honeymooners and keen kitesurfers will enjoy staying in Prea.

Prea, Brazil, From your hammock at kitesurfer hotel
Kite Brazil, Prea Beach, Rancho do Peixe Hotel Kite Brazil Prea Kitesurfing beach


Strong wind, Prea Brazil

Wind is strong! it blows at 24-28, and very often go above 30 knots. Please be careful! in this wind, any mistake might have painful consequence. Use the supplied sand bags for you kite, launch and land carefully, be gentle on the bar and keep distance from kite students. The wind direction side onshore to slightly side onshore

Huge sandy kite beachPrea Brazil

Beach is huge and sandy. The beach is big open without any obstacles. Some kite bars at the back, to relax, because staying at the beach this wind and flying sand, is not so pleasant. 

>Water conditions changes with the tide and swell. Small to medium wind waves at low Tide , can get uo to 2m wave at good swell and high tide.  No problematic beach break due to shallow area near the beach.

Getting to Prea village is possible with normal car, to reach the beach hotels, you need to take air  out of the wheels. 

Kitesurf club at Prea, Brazil kite beach


Vehicles are driving to the kite clubs and the hotel. Pay attention to the marked area for lunch and land,  so your kite will not get dragged away. Use the small sand bags spread around, to keep your kite staying 

Best sunset downwind kite trip

Downwind from Prea to Jericoacoara. First you pass Prea fishing village, then you ride a long empty sandy beach. In the water there are sand bars that can generate nice wave depending on tide and swell. On the way you see a submerging rock, go behind it on a low Tide . In the last part, you need to go around Jeri's huge dunes. In this part the wind is off shore, sheltered and gusty. The kitesurf clubs in Prea, usually organize downwind, escorted by buggy, only for the best part of the ride. Join them. 

Kitesurfing Downwind Prea to Jericoacoara, Brazil


Or you can keep kitesurfing up to Jericoacoara, stoping for the party in the sunset dune, maby even trying jump with your kite from the dune. Mind that the last part is at of shore wind.

Kite jump at sunset dune, Jericoacoara Brazil
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