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Lagoinha - Kite in postcard

Lagoinha is lovely touristic small village, located on a cliff and surrounded by beautiful scenery. Lagoinha has a nice beach, great lagoon and wave spots. Lagoinha has massive day tourism, and very quite by night, with few accommodation options. Kitesurf in Lagoinha is great. Nice wave spots, beach breaks, and great flat water lagoon 3km downwind. Its a perfect spot for short or long downwinds. The wind is perfect and blows at season 18-26 knots, side-on all day. Weather conditions are perfect as well with 25-27 degrees ocean temperature and 26-32 air. Getting to Lagoinha is easy by car or a bus.

Lagoinha cliff and kite bay

Lagoinhas brazil kite beach view

Lagoinha beach barracas on kite beach, and ladies walking on kite beach

Lagoinha brazil kite beach view Lagoinha brazil kite beach view

Lagoinha - Kitesurf beach

Lagoinha is lovely touristic small village, located on a cliff and surrounded by beautiful scenery. Lagoinha has a nice beach, small lagoon and wave spots. Best kite zone in Lagoinha bay,  is at the western (downwind) part of the bay. From there, you can kite downwind to the lagoon or go up-wind looking for waves. You can reach the kite zone by car, but driving to the up-wind side of the bay is prohibited. Main wind blow from south east to east. Wind direction slightly offshore early morning and turn side shore late morning. In the afternoon the wind usually changes to side onshore. The wind is strong and steady (around 25 knots) at the downwind part of the bay, and gusty with holes, upwind close to the cliff. The kite beach is wide and sandy with a lot of space to organize the gear. Carefull from the tourist walking and driving on the beach, mainly on weekends.

Lagoinha, Brasil - Kite beach, kite spots and downwinds in the area

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Water conditions, change from small chop at low tide, to medium chop with moderate shore break at high tide. Downwind from the village, you can find nice wind waves up to 2 m. Beach breaks can get powerful at high tide, but easy to cross due to strong side shore wind. Clean breaks are created near the two headlands at the eastern side of the village. The area of the wave spots is suitable for kite surfing, only at side onshore conditions, otherwise, the wind is sheltered there.

Kitesurf session at Lagoinha beach
Kitesurf session at Lagoinha, Brazil  Kitesurf session at Lagoinha, Brazil  Kitesurf session at Lagoinha, Brazil

Kitesurf session at Lagoinha, Brazil Kitesurf session at Lagoinha, Brazil

Lagoinha, Brasil kite wave spots at the headlands
Lagoinha brazil kite beach view  Lagoinha kite wave spots at the headland

Lagoinha, Brazil - Kitesurf spots and Downwind kitesurfing trips

A Popular downwind is Lagoinha - Guajiru - Flexeiras. You ride waves, lagoon, river mouth and chop, for 20 km covered by strong 22-28 knots wind. Driving on the beach is tide dependent,. At high tide you cross Trairi ruver on a car raft for RS$ 10, but driving from Trairi river to Guajiru, is dificalt due to small beach with havy sand.

Lagoa Do Jegue is located 3.5 km downwind of Lagoinha kite beach. The  lagoon is not depending on tide, but that change every season, acording to rain fall.  The lagoon is perfect for free style, its flat and shallow. Check the water level before you fly high, can get very shallow. When you kitesurf  downwind to the lagoon, there are some rocks by the beach line right after Lagoinha village, so avoid going near the beach there. Driving an escort car is easy, especially at low tide.

Barra do Trairi . After 5 km downwind from Jegue Lagoon, you reach a another lagoon, created inside a river mouth at high tide. You can kite inside the lagoon straight from the ocean at high tide, but an escorting  car can cross only with the car raft  (at high tide). Water conditions change from moderate wave and beach breaks at high tide, to small wind waves and chop at low tide.

Downwind to Guajiru. The wind here turns slightly more side shore, and water become choppy. If you have an escorting car, plan to drive at low tide, and better consult the local before you go. There is nothing on the way, and you can get stuck somewhere in the middle.  Coming to Guajiru, nice waves can be found inside in the up wind side of the village. Be carefull, there are a lot of rocks and reefs on the way !, they are covered at high tide, and exposed at low tide. But , mid-to-low tide can be dangerous, because you dont see the rocks and reefs. The rocks are mainly infront the barracas on the way, and there are big rocks and fish poles right before Guajiru village.

Downwind to Flexeiras. When the beach turns, before arriving Flexeiras, you can find nice waves break out side on the reef belt. From there, stay out and be careful 
of the fish poles , submerging reef and wind shelters. Land at the downwind part of the center to avoid wind gusts and turbulence at the upwind part of the bay.

Driving by the beach to Flexeiras, is tide dependent, so another option  is to take money and your Havaianas, and ride a bus back from Flexeiras to Lagoinha.

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