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Icaraizinho, Ilha do Guajiru, Prea and

Jericoacoara, Brazil - Tides for kitesurfing

Tide is very influential on kite conditions at the kite spots in Ceara, Brazil. Beach size dramatically changing, water conditions go from flat to choppy, some lagoons, like Ilha do Guajiru, get dry at low tide, and some get choppy at high tide. For best kitesurf sessions you need to plan according to tide. Good suggestion is to print ahead the tide time tables for the time of your trip. At many hotels and kitesurfing clubs, you can get a printed tide timetable. We at Go-kite.com, work hard to supply you in the future a convenient tide tables for each spot. Meanwhile, use the following official tide timetable for Pecem port 200-300km away (aerial distance).

To get rough estimation of low tide time, shift forward the given time in 5-30 minutes. For Icaraizinho, shift 5-10 minutes, for Ilha do Guajiru, shift 5-15 minutes, for Prea and Jericoacoara shift around 15-30 minutes.  For example if given time for low tide in Pecem is: 16.32, rough estimation of low tide time at Ilha do Guajiru is: 16.37 to 16.47, and at Prea is: 16.47-17.02.

Ilha do Guajiru, same boats same fence, different tide
kite brazil ilha do guajiru main beach at low tide kite brazil ilha do guajiru at high tide

You can use the link below 'Clique aqui para uma nova consulta' to get tide time table for different months. Remember to choose TERMINAL PORTUÁRIO DO PECÉM (ESTADO DO CEARÁ)' in the location tab.

Tide timetable for Pecem port near Cumbuco