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Ilha do Guajiru, Brazil
Kiteboarding in huge Lagoon!

Ilha do Gaujiru, in north Brazil, is actually a real estate marketing name for the beach in the middle of a huge lagoon, called “Praia da Barra”. The lagoon is tidal sea water lagoon, when it's filled with water at high Tide, its huge, 700m at the widest part, and around 5km long. The water is flat, and the wind is strong, but for this great kitesurf conditions, you should plan your visit by the tide time table. Best time here is when high tide is in the middle of your kitesurf day. The famous kitesurfing spot is at the main beach, but other great kite spots are reachable by fisherman boats, and can be good solution for low tide conditions. View information and maps at the kitesurf section.

Kitesurf in Ilha do Gugiru - Main beach
Kite Brazil Ilha do Guajiru Main Beach

There are nice simple pousadas at the main beach, and a kite house at praia do Guajiru. Kitesurf infrastructure are developed, and you can find lessons, rentals and downwinds.

Kitesurf at the Secret Spot
Kite Brazil Ilha do Guajiru secret spot

 The wind is strong , and blows at season around 24-28 knots. The wind can get a bit gusty, especially near the small kite beach. Mind the electricity wires on the beach, and the boat ropes in the water.

Kitesurf in the Flat water Lagoon
Kite Brazil Ilha do Guajiru Flat water lagoon kitesurf spot
Kitesurf in Ilha do Guajiru Lagoon
Kite Brazil Ilha do Guajiru Main beach Kite Brazil Ilha do Guajiru main beach

Getting to the spot is easy with car or a bus, and its around 1.5h drive from Jericocoara and 2.5h from Cumbuco.

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