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Icaraizinho, Brazil
Kitesurf at strong wind 

Icaraizinho is the nick name for the kite spot at Icarai do Amontada. Icaraizinho  is a remote authentic quite village, typical to north Brazil.  Getting to Icaraizinho take some time, due to unpaved roads, probably that's why Icaraizinho kept its quite and remote atmosphere. Kitesurf options are at the upwind side that include flat shallow water in the reef protected bay or the downwind side. The beach in the bay is wind sheltered.

 The wind blows and at 24-28 knots at season, and  often go above 30 knots. Wind direction side shore to side onshore. The wind is lighter in the morning gets stronger and gustier in the afternoon. In Icaraizinho, there are lovely bungalow Pousadas , kitesurfing clubs and services. If you want to kite in front your Pousada, pick the last one downwind of the village, or rent a house close to the kite spot.

Icaraizinho kiteboarding village, Ceara Brazil
Icaraizinho kiteboarding village, Ceara Brazil


Icaraizinho, Brazil
Kitesurfing in the Village

Icaraizinho village, has protected bay with shallow flat water, but wind there can be sheltered and gusty. Wind surfers will enjoy the bay at any wind conditions, but kite-surfers should go down wind side of the bay, for clear wind conditions. Good condition kiteboarding area start from the kite club "Cabana do Kite".

Icaraizinho Brazil, Kiteboarding club
Icaraizinho Brazil, Kiteboarding club


Icaraizinho Brazil, Kitesurfing beach
icaraizinho brazil, kitesurfing beach

In front of the village, conditions are flat and shallow in the area protected by the reef. In low and half tide the reef is visible, and the water is flat just over waist depth. At high tide, fun waves are created on the reef belt outside, and gets flattened on their way inside.  Downwind, in the kite area, conditions change from flat or small wind waves at low tide, to medium chop with moderate beach break. Be careful of submerging reef and fish poles in the reef area.

Icaraizinho brazil, Kiteboarding area
Icaraizinho brazil, Kiteboarding area

The wind blows and at around 24-28 knots.  Wind direction side shore to side onshore mainly  from south east to slightly north east. The wind is lighter in the morning gets stronger and gustier in the afternoon. The wind is sheltered and gusty inside the bay, steady and consistent in the kitesurfing area.

Icaraizinho, Brazil - Kitesurfing club
Icaraizinho, Brazil - Kitesurfing club


The beach is wide and sandy. Sea surface in the bay lagoon is mainly sandy, the reef is not sharp.

Icaraizinho, Brazil Kitesurfing
downwind trip and kite spots around

Downwind from Icaraizinho, you can find 2 river delta spots. The first in river Moitas is reachable in a short downwind. The second at Torreos can be reachable by downwind or a buggy drive. Water conditions in  Moitas and Torreos, change every year and depend on rainfall. In Moitas, water can be too shallow to kitesurf. In Torreos, conditions are usually kitesurfable, but can be muddy and very shallow. Kitesurfing clubs in Icaraizinho arrange kitesurf downwind trips, and beginner lessons in the lagoons.

Down wind kitesurfing trip to Torreos lagoon, near Icaraizinho Brazil
down wind kitesurfin trip to lagoon near icaraizinho brazil

Icaraizinho, Brazil - Kitesurf spots aroud and Kitesurfing downwind trip to Ilha do Guajiru

Downwind  to Ilha do-Gaujiru. Its a nice downwind with various stopping options. First you get to river  Moitas delta. Flat water at low tide inside the river mouth, and small waves breaking on the sand bar at mid-high tide.  Continue on, you will get to Torroes at the river's Cearamirim delta. After that you get to Almofala village where you can stop for refreshment.

Kitesurfing trip to Torreos river delta, near Icaraizinho, Brazil

Kitesurfing trip to Torreos river delta, near Icaraizinho, Brazil

Entering the main lagoon of Ilha do Guajiru, from the ocean. can be a bit tricky,  and can be done only at high tide when there are enough water inside. You can land on the beach and walk, 50 to 500 m, depends where.  Ilha do Guajiru lagoon, is connected to the sea in both ends. You can enter from the down wind side, and then kite 2 km up-wind to the main beach. At the up wind side, there is crick, connecting the lagoon with the ocean, the path is narrow and surrounded by vegetation that shelters the wind.

Icaraizingo Brazil
Accomodation for kite surfers

In Icaraizinho you can rent a lovely beach house, or stay at a rustic kite pousada.


Beautiful typical villa for rent, near the Kitesurfing area, Icaraizinho, Brazil
icaraizinho, brazil, house to rent for kitesurfing


Icaraizinho, Brazil - Kite Pousada, the grass loan
Icaraizinho, Brazil - kite pousada

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