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In the small fishing village Icarai de Amontada or Icaraizinho, you can find many nice places to stay. No fancy hotels here , but rustic pousadas with wooden bungalows in nice sandy tropical gardens. The village's beach and the up wind part of the bay is great for windsurfing, but not suitable for kitesurfing since the wind is sheltered and gusty. If you want to stay near the kitesurfing area, go for the pousadas downwind the bay, or rent a beautiful villa near the kitesurfing spot.

Icaraizinho Accomodation Tip

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Beautiful typical villa for rent, near the Kitesurfing area, Icaraizinho, Brazil
icaraizinho, brazil, house to rent for kitesurfing

Houses for Kitesurfers to rent in Icaraizinho, Brazil

Casa Guarani. Great house, located 200 meters walk from the kitesurfing / windsurfing club and 80 meters from the beach .  Swimming pool, three sea view suites, solar warm water, barbecue, fully equipped kitchen and beautiful tropical garden. Owners also organize kite trips by buggy and downwinds around Icaraizinho. Price is R$350 per day up to 7 person, for 4 person or less you can get a discount, depending on season. Email Casa Guarani Email Casa Guarani, Icaraizinho, Brazil 

Casa guarani, house for kitesurfing, Icaraizinho Brazil
icaraizinho Bezil, kitesurfing house for rent
Icaraizinho Brazil, House for kitesurfer - Sea view from the house
icaraizinho brazil, kitesurfing house for rent

Casa de Pedra. Beautiful large beach front house, located at the upwind end of Icaraizinho bay. The house surrounded by a large 10,000 m² garden with more then 100m beach front area.

Casa de pedra - House for kisurfers, Icaraizinho Brazil
House for kitesurfing, Icaraizinho Brazil House for kitesurfing, Icaraizinho Brazil

The house has 5 air-conditioned suites, and a TV room with cable TV and DVD. The house can occupy up to 12 adults and six kids.

Casa de Pedra, Kitesurfer's house - view from the terrace,  living room and bedroom
House for kite, Icaraizinho Brazil House for kite, Icaraizinho Brazil House for kite, Icaraizinho Brazil

 There is a beach deck with lovely beach front sitting area, Jacuzzi for 12 people and a small well equipped kitchen. Email Casa de Pedra Email Casa de Pedra, Icaraizinho, Brazil 

Casa de Pedra, Kitesurfer's house - Beach deck sitting area, Jacuzzi and kitchen
House for kite, icaraizinho brazil House for kite, icaraizinho brazil House for kite, icaraizinho brazil

 Icaraizinho, Brazil -  The street and the way to the beach

Icaraizinho Brazil, House for kite vacation Icaraizinho Brazil, House for kite vacation

Icaraizinho, Brazil - kite surfer's Pousadas

Hula Hula Brazil. Beautiful pousada with sea views, Located 800m from the kite beach. Swimming pool, bar and stylish restaurant. The pousada has 3 exclusive and comfortable bungalows, each with air-condition and mini fridge.

Hula Hula Brazil - Kitesurfer's pousada
Icaraizinho Brazil kitesurfing pousada

Kite services: The pousada has partnership with a kitesurfing club at the beach. At the Kite club you have storage, air compressor, kite lessons, bar, restaurant and fresh water showers. The pousada has 4x4 Toyota you can rent for kite trips in the area. Email Hotel Pousada Hula Hula Brazil Email Hotel Pousada Hula Hula Brazil, Icaraizinho 

Icaraizinho, Brazil - Kite pousada, swimming pool and a bungalow
Icaraizinho Brazil, swimming pool at a kite pousada  Icaraizinho Brazil, Kite pousada

Hotel Pousada Les Alizes. Beautiful pousada, located upwind side of the bay, at the beach. Great location for windsurfing, kitesurfers better walk downwind for steady wind condition. It has a restaurant and a large outdoor pool surrounded by coconut trees. Rooms has a patio and views of the sea or gardens, tv, air conditioning or ceiling fan, mini bar and hot shower, double room for R$ 150 including breakfast. Email Pousada Les Alizes Email Pousada Les Alizes, Icaraizinho, Brazil

Hotel Pousada Villa Mongo. Beautiful romantic bungalow beach pousada, located downwind side of the bay, at the kite area. Swimming pool with Jacuzzi and bar service, restaurant, free WiFi, no TV.

Icaraizinho, Brazil - Kite pousada the beach
Icaraizinho brazil, villa mango, kitesurfer pousada

 Echo luxurious, well designed bungalows and  suites. All accommodation has balconies and wonderful sea views, some has air-con and Jacuzzi. 

Icaraizinho, Brazil - kite pousada,  a bungalow and the beach
Icaraizinho, Brazil - kite pousada  Icaraizinho, Brazil - kite pousada

Kite services: Mango Kite Club: IKO Level 2 Instructor, speak English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. Beginners and advanced classes, equipment rental, downwind trips, air compressor, lockers, rescue boat, large grass lawn for assembly and cleaning kitesurfing gear. Email Hotel Villa Mango Email Hotel Pousada Hula Hula Brazil, Icaraizinho, Brazil

Icaraizinho, Brazil - Kite Pousada, the grass loan
Icaraizinho, Brazil - kite pousada

Hotel Pousada Brazilian Crew. Simple beach pousada Located on east side (upwind side) of Icaraizinho bay, in front of the windsurf spot. Double room with fan, from R$90, triple chalet for R$ 175, including breakfast. Email Brazilian Crew Email Hotel Pousada Hula Hula Brazil, Icaraizinho

Hotel Pousada Pais Tropical. Nice kite surfers Pousada, located at the west (downwind) side of the bay, 50m from the kite beach. Each bungalow is independent and has a large deck directed to the garden and the beach, with hammocks, lounge chairs, king size bed, one individual bed and a minibar. Double room at kite season  R$ 120, triple R$ 150. Kite services: Kite storage, lessons, rentals, kitesurfing trips and more, at the kite club, 150m away. Email Pais Tropical Email Hotel Pousada Hula Hula Brazil, Icaraizinho

Hotel Pousada Restaurante Hibisco. Small Pousada located on the beach at the east (up wind) side of the bay, at the indsurfing area. Rooms has  air conditioning, refrigerator, hot shower, Safe and Wifi connection in all area. Double room from 130R$. Email Pousada Hibisco Email Hotel Pousada Hula Hula Brazil, Icaraizinho

Hotel Pousada Rio Verde. Located 300m from the beach, inside coconut grove has swimming pool. Email Hotel Pousada Rio Verde Email Hotel Pousada Rio Verde, Icaraizinho, Brazil

Hotel Pousada Melea. Nice pousada, located in the hart of the village, 200m from the beach. Swimming pool and restaurant . Wooden 2 flore bungalows scattered in the coconut grove. Double R$ 150. Kite services: kite lessons, rentals, storage, downwind trips and more at the Essay kite club at the beach. Email Hotel Pousada MaleaEmail Cebana do Kite, Brazil, Icaraizinho

Hotel Poussada Kaz'oca. Located 100 meters from the beach.  Comfortable wooden bungalows, with terrace hammocks, garden views,  bathroom, toilet, refrigerator and mini bar. Prices for Double bungalow are R$ 150 at kite season and triple R$ 150, including breakfast. Email Hotel Poussada Kaz'oca Email Hotel Pousada Kazoca, Icaraizinho, Brazil

Icaraizinho Brazil, Kitesurfing clubs

Cabana do Kite Icaraizinho. Kitesurfing club at the kitesurfing area. Constant wind conditions. You can store your gear here,have launch, relax between sessions, join the organized downwind kitesurfing trips. Kite lessons, kite repairers and more. Email Cabana do Kite Icaraizinho Email Cebana do Kite, Brazil, Icaraizinho

Cabana do Kite Icaraizinho, Brazil, kitesurfing club, buggy loaded for downwind
Cabana do Kite Icaraizinho , Brazil, kitesurfing club, buggy loaded for downwind

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