Kite Guajiru, Brazil
Great Kitesurfing conditions

Guajiru is lovely peaceful fisherman villages. Nice wave, shalow flat water lagoon, great beach hotel, beautiful houses, and small pousadas. The wind is perfect here, and blows at season (July-January) at 20-28 knots side-shore to side-onshore. Weather is perfect and getting here is essay with Car, Taxi or Bus.

Flexeiras and Guajiru Brazil, kite area map

kite spots map guajiru brazil

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In Guajiru, you can kite along all the village. Water conditions at low tide are flatter and shallow at the upwind part of the village. At mid to high tide, water become choppy with moderate beach breaks. Fun wave created on the reef belt upwind side of the village.

The wind is strong and blows side shore to side onshore  around 20-28 knots at season. The beach is wide and sandy.

Be careful near the reef belt. Some part of the reef are very shallow at low tide . 

Kite beach at Guajiru Brazil
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