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Kite Flexeiras Brazil

Quite village with great wind

Flexeiras (Flecheiras) is lovely touristic-fisherman villages, located at a wind sheltered bay 130 km from Fortaleza. Kitesurf options are the ocean, wave spots and downwind kitesurfing trip to Mundau river mouth. Flexeiras offers good variety of accommodation, Luxurious beach hotels, nice pousadas and houses. Wind is perfect here, and blow at season (August - January) at 20-28 knots,  mostly side-on. Weather is perfect and Getting to Flexeiras is easy by a car or a bus.


Kiboarding in Flexeiras/Flecheiras and Emboaca

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In Flexeiras, best part for kite surf is between the roundabout and the village. In this part, some areas are protected from the swell by a reef belt, creating lagoon conditions. Water conditions at low tide are flat and shallow in the bay. At mid to high tide,  water become choppy with moderate beach breaks. Fun wave created on the reef belt upwind side of the village,  careful of submerging rocks and fish poles when you go upwind. 

The wind is strong and blows side shore to side onshore around 20-28 knots at season. The wind is gusty and turbulent in front of the village center, and gets steadier downwind. The beach is wide and sandy.

Kitesurfing downwind to Flexeiras

Kitesurf downind to Flexeiras From Guajiru. Short kite trip with chop at low tide and lovely beach breaks at high tide. When arriving at Flexeiras by kiteboarding, its best to stay outside of the wind sheltered bay.

Kitesurfing Downwind

Flexeiras to Icaraizinho

Emboaca kite spot

Emboaca is the first spot downwind from Flexeiras kite zone. You have flat water in the small bay at low tide,  and clean waves turning in the bay at medium to high tide. You can drive to this spot which is located right by the road.

Mundau River mouth 

At high tide, the water covering the sand bar and creating a lagoon that is connected to the sea.  At low tide, be careful of submerging rocks. The wind is gusty in village center, and might be sheltered and weak in the bay. If you downwind here, stay inside, and pay attention to the wind.  You can find fun wave breaking on the the reef belt, upwind from the village. A car can cross the river by the raft service there.

Baleia kite spot

Nice small village with good kite conditions restaurants and pousadas.

 kitesurf Downwind Mundau to Icaraizinho

Its long and challenging ride, of around  around 50 km, should be done only on suitable conditions. and better be avoided. Suitable conditions for kitesurf are only at low tide with steady wind. Many reefs on the way, some seen some very shallow. In the last part, conditions gets more relaxed, and its a fun ride down to Icaraizinho. You can drive to this spot wich is located by the road,

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