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Canoa Quebrada, Brazil kiteboarding and Party!

Canoa Quebrada, 170km south-east from Fortaleza, is a lively village with cool hippies  atmosphere. Canoa is one of the most scenic spots in Brazil, and has a developed touristic infrastructure.  The non kite-surfers traveling with you, will appreciate its touristic nature more then Cumbuco.

In Canoa Quebrada, you can Kite in an open sea and in a huge, safe and flat water river-mouth spot. Canoa Quebrada is suitable for beginners, and free style riders. Wind is good when its blowing, but its not consistent as in Cumbuco to Jericoacoara, so enthusiastic kite-surfers, are advised to check the Wind Forecast before going. Party lovers, are advised to arrive at weekends.

In Canoa you can find, nice pousadas, restaurants and beach bars. kite-surfers can find kite schools, kite rental (for confident riders) and buggies to take you to the Rio Jaguaribe river mouth spot. In short, when the Wind Forecast is good, Canoa Quebrada is a great few days trip from Cumbuco. 

Canoa Quebrada - Kitesurf at River mouth

In Canoa Quebrada you can kite downwind the village, at mainly choppy conditions. You can look for wave breaking on the reef in front of the village, and you can downwind or drive to the river mouth spots.

Canoa Quebrada - Kitesurf area and spots

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In Canoa Quebrada, the center is crowded and it's prohibited to kietsurf there, So go east or west from the center. The official kite beach is at the west end near the cemetery, after "Bom Motivo" beach restaurant.

The wind blows side-shore in the morning, and turns to on-shore in the afternoon. The wind blows at around 14-22 knots at season (August-December).

The beach and sea surface is sandy, without rocks or seashells. Beach size is moderate but convenient at low Tide, and quit small at high tide.

Water conditions are choppy to small wind swell, depending on the tide. There is a shore break, which is relatively small due to sea surface structure. Small break can be found at low tide on a reef in front of the village, around 300m from the beach. The reef ia usually invisible, but can be seen at a very low tide.

Beach size, mainly at high tide, with shore break presence, makes it less suitable for beginners, that better head the river mouth.

River mouth spots

Rio Jaguaribe river mouth.  This  This great spot is located around 12km north-west of Canoa Quebrada village, at the mouth of the Rio Jaguaribe. At low tide conditions, this spot offers huge area (around 1.5km x 2km) of flat water, due to a sand banks in front. The best flat conditions are 2 hours before low tide to 2 hours after. outside the sandbank, there are small wave for beginners and experts to enjoy.

The wind blows side-shore to on-shore, and usually its a bit stronger then in the village, so combined with flat water, you can use smaller kite size.

The beach and sea surface are sandy without obstacles, and there is nothing around, so its ideal spot for beginners. Just be careful at low Tide, some parts can be very shallow.

You can reach this spot by buggy that takes around 20min. Conditions are suitable for a down wind trip from Canoa's kite beach. The trip takes 45min to 1 hour. The wind, turns more on-shore along the way. 

Rio Parajuru river mouth. Another great spot near Parajuru village, 10 km more downwind direction. You can reach the spot with a 4x4 or a buggy that needs to cross the river on a ferry costing R$ 10 per ride.

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