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Canoa Quebrada
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Windy season - When to come

The main season is August to December. Its reasonable to expect 60%-90% of kitesurfing days, with wind of 14-22knots. Usually, the wind is better around September, October, November.

At January and July, Its reasonable to expect 50%-70% of kitesurfing days, with wind of 14-18knots.

From February till June, the probability of kitesurfing day drops to 20%-50%, and wind blows at around 12-18knots. But if you are around, check the Wind Forecast and you might surprise yourself with a lovely light wind kiting.


On the morning side-shore and turns in the afternoon to-side on-shore. Between 14-22knots in at season meaning August to December.


Conditions are mostly choppy, and there is shore break. Flat water condition 12km from Canoa at Jaguaribe river mouth.


Pleasant warm weather all year. Air temperature of 25-30°C and water usually between 25-27° C.

Kite surf  gear

At season, sizes 8 to 12 are useable, depending on your weight, kite model , level etc. Out of season, better have size 12 or bigger.


Canoa quebrada's kite beach size, mainly at high tide, with its shore break , make it less suitable for beginners. The flat water kite spot at Rio Jaguaribe - river mouth spot, is great for beginners and experts as well.

Wind statistics

You can use Windguru.cz link to archived wind forecast's data.

Wind statistics of Windfinder sampled data for Fortaleza airport.

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