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Barra Grande, Brazil
Kitesurf flat water heaven

Huge space of flat shallow water at low tide, great consistent wind and wide sandy beaches, makes Barra Grande a great place for pro's kitesurfing free style, and great place for kite beginners.

Barra Grande, Brazil - Kitesurfing spots map

Wind super consistent, and  blows usually weaker then in Jericocoara. The wind blows all day mainly side shore. The wind blows from August to January at  around 18 knots, but can reach 25-30 knots.

Free style in Barra Grande
kiteboarding barra grande Brazil   kiteboarding Barra Grande Brazil

Water conditions are flat at low tide, and you get huge area of flat shallow water. At the right tide, the bay in mostly waist deep, way into the sea. At low tide, it might be to shallow to kite, so best time is between low and mid tide. Water ccondition at high tide are medium choppy near the beach, and up to 2 meters wind wave on the sand bar inside.

Kitesurf in Barra Grande at the main spot
kiteboarding Barra Grande Brazil

The beach is sandy and spacious. Ocean bottom is sandy, and there are no rocks or other obstacles. You can practically  kite everyway in the village, but main spot is in front of the kite club.

Kitesurf club in Barra Grande
kiteboarding club, Barra Grande Brazil kiteboarding club, Barra Grande Brazil

Beginners will have great time in Barra Grande. Shallow flat water at low tide, no rocks, no currents, big sandy beaches and a nice short downwind to a river mouth.

Kitesurfer in Barra Grande and a kite lesson in low tide
kiteboarding Barra Grande Brazil

Barra Grande Brazil, Kite spots and kitesurfing ownwind trips

You can basically kitesurf all the beach area of Barra Grande and find a lot of great spots of shallow flat water. Nice spots close by are described below.  

La Boca, river mouth. Ride a short downwind of around 2 km and walk pass the sand bar into the river mouth. Flat shallow water with huge space. You can ride upwind back, or arrange a pickup with a donkey.

Lagoa de Barrinha. Flat water tide dependent shallow lagoon created in the river mouth upwind of Barra Grande in front of Barrinha village. Flat water at low to medium tide, choppy to wind waves and powerful beach break, at high tide. Mind the fish poles in the upwind part of the beach. To get there, you need to kite around 2.5 km upwind along the beach.

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