Get to Barra Grande
From Jericoacoara and Fortalezaa

The great kite spot Barra Grande, is around 450 km from  Fortaleza, and around 250km from Jericoacoara. Its takes 5-6h drive from Fortaleza, and a 3.5h 4x4 off road drive from Jericoacoara. There are comfortable busses from Fortaleza to Parnaiba and the ride takes around 8h. Barra Grande is 45 minutes from Parnaiba, where an airport will be opened sometime. Kitesurfing clubs at Jericoacoara and Prea, organize downwind trips to Barra Grande, there are great kite spots on the way, what makes the best way to get to Barra Grande, so ask around.

Get from Jericoacoara

By 4x4 public transfer. Most kitesurfers arrive to Barra Grande from Jericoacoara. The common way is to buy a ticket in Jericoacoara for a public 4x4 transfer to Parnaiba. The journey starts early and take half a day, so you will still be able to kite in the afternoon at Barra Grande. The ride starts with 4x4 pickup track, riding the dunes and crossing rio Guariu and Camocim rivers on a raft.

The transfer raft on Camocim river
kite Brazil camocim river

A very common incident is when the fuel is finished in the middle of the way. Then the driver is getting down from the bud and start to run away. No, He is abandoning, he is just going to get some fuel. After a while, some guy is appearing with a fuel tank, the bus gets full, and the trip continue.

The fuel finished and refilled, on the way from Jericoacoara to Camocim
Kite Brazil, the way from Jericoacoara to Barra Grande Kite Brazil, the way from Jericoacoara to Barra Grande

At Camocim, tourists are transferred to a small bus, that can get quit crowded with all the kite staff inside. This bus, riding on roads now, pass close to Barra Grande. You can get down at the junction and hitchhike,  or better try to arrange a pickup in advance. Contact any Pousada, and ask about Wellington, which drives people, to and from Barra Grande.

Waiting for a ride with Kitesurfing equipment at the junction to Barra Grande
Kite Brazil, the way from Jericoacoara to Barra Grande

By 4x4 offroad Pickup. You can drive at the beach and the dunes, from Jericoacoara. The drive takes around 3.5h, and there are great spots and downwinds on the way. Transportation options depend on tide, seasonal lagoons and more.  Local driver is a good choice.

The 4x4 road from Jericoacoara to Camocim
Kite Brazil, the way from Jericoacoara to Barra Grande

Arrive from Fortaleza

If you want go to Barra Grande, straight after flying to Fortaleza, you might need to stay a night in Fortaleza. Drivers prefer not to drive at night, and the last bus is around noon.

By car. From Fortaleza you basically go on the BR 402. Its a very long drive of more then 400km, so consider other transportation. Most Popular option is to spent some time in Jericoacoara, then go to Barra Grande. If you drive, remember that Google road maps are incorrect in north-east Brazil, so use the following official maps, or check the full PDF version Brazil transportation section.

Official road map for Piau√≠  Brazil, Barra Grande area

kiteboaring brazil, Barra Grande, road map

Official road map for Ceara, Brazil, Jericoacoara area

kiteboarding brazil, road map from Jericoacoara to Barra Grande

By busGuanabara espresso   (Tel: +55.85 4005 .1992 ) company, maintain daily bus from Fortaleza to Parnaiba. Distance is 500km add the ride takes around 7h. In Parnaiba, you need to take a bus to Barra Grande for another 1h. One way trip, cost around 40-50R$ . Mind that from the airport, you might need a ride to the  buss station. For more details, read Brazil transportation section.

 Arrive from Parnaiba

By car, drive the high way from Parnaiba to Cajueiro da Praia, then continue to Barra Grande.

By Bus.  Damasceno Tel: +86 33221683 bus company, runs daily line of mini busses to Barra Grande village. Busses departure from Parnaiba Center, in front of Fontenele agency. Busses runs daily from   Monday to Friday at:10:30h, 14h:00h, 16:00h and at Saturday, at 14.00h.

Taxi and Private transfer

By taxi, or private transfer that can be arranged in any Pousada. Price depend on the taxi company and the type of the car (4x4 is more expensive). Prices are expensive because of the distance. Private transfer from Jericoacoara, cost around 450 R$.

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