Barra Grande, Brazi
Kiteboarding paradise !

Barra Grande is a small fishing village on the coast of Piaui state,  its around 450 km from  Fortaleza, and around 250km from Jericoacoara. The atmosphere is remote and relaxed, and the main thing to do is to kitesurf in an amazing conditions. Barra Grande is a bit far, but worth the travel. Great constant wind of 18-28 knots, wide sandy beaches and shallow flat sea water lagoons, makes Barra Grande a great place for kite beginners and free style kiteboarding pro's.

kiteboarding in Barra Grande Brazil, at flat sea water lagoon 
kiteboarding in Barra Grande Brazil, at flat sea water lagoon kiteboarding in Barra Grande Brazil, at flat sea water lagoon

Barra Grande cost area, has a lot rivers  flowing into the sea. Those rivers, and sand bars in the sea, creates special conditions of huge shallow flat water sea lagoons, at the right tide.

Barra Grande cost area, and beach pousada
kiteboarding in Barra Grande Brazil, beach pousada

The super constant wind, with the wide sandy beaches and the sandy ocean bottom, creates perfect spot beginners  to learn kitesurf and for pro's to practice hard core free style.

Free style kiteboarding in Bara Grande flat sea water lagoons
kiteboarding in Barra grande Brazil, at flat sea water lagoon

Barra Grande has pleasant beach front pousadas, Kitesurf facilities and kitesurf clubs. No night life,  except relaxing in hummocks and having Caipirinhas with your kitesurfers friends. Mind that there are no simple local restaurants, so food costs touristic prices.

Barra Grande Kitesurf in front pousadas and kitesurf club
kite brazil barra grande the wide sandy beach  kiteboarding in Barra grande, brazil at flat sea water lagoon

Barra Grande is a bit far away from everything, and getting there is not too essay. Its 250km from Jericoacoara, and takes around 3.5h drive, and its 400km from Fortaleza, that takes around 5h drive. Kitesurf scene is not as developed as in Jericoacoara or Cumbuco, so to ride back from a downwind, make reservation for a local donkey. Mind that there is another Barra Grande in South Brazil, so add Piaui  when you Google it. Kitesurfing traveler guide. © All rights reserved.