Atins, Brazil
Flatwater Kite Spot

Atins was named as one of the Top 4 Kiteboarding flatwater spots in the world! Atins located in river delta by the sea, at a beautiful national park. Atins location provide endless kiteboarding spots: flat water in the river delta, shalow flat lagoons in the dunes and chopy waves at the open sea.

Kite Lagoons among Dunes in Atins Brazil
kite lagoons in atins brazil

 Atins Brazil - Main kite facts

Why Kite in Atins: Best flat water kiteboarding
Kite season: windy months
Wind: July - January, strongest winds : October - December. 15-30 knots, sideshore (always)
Kite sizes: Mostly 7 - 9, sometimes 12
Weather: Just shorts and wetshirt
Freestyle Kite: Huge river delta/flatwater spot
Kitesurfing Wave: Choppy waves, at the open sea
Kite Beginners Perfect to learn in the lagoon close to the beach
Kite services: Various small schools and centres, some rent kite gear and repair.
Kite trips: Downwinder arriving in Atins, downwinder at the lagoons in the dunes
Kite Hotels: Plenty pousadas, some specialised in Kiters.

Get there

Not easy, plan ahead.
Atins Brazil, main kite beach
kite atins kiteboarding beach brazil
Kite beaches map - Atins Brazil
Kite atins brazil kite spots map

Kite Beginners in Atins

The best time for beginners is low-tide launching right on the main beach. The lagoon is superflat and the bottom is sandy (no rocks). There are a few schools that give classes.

Kite facilities in Atins

Bearing in mind Atins is well off the beaten path, there are a few schools, some of which also rent, sell and repair equipment. There’s also always someone around interested in buying some equipment. Some pousadas such Convento Arcádua offer distinct facilities to wash, dry and store your equipment. The by the beach also offers storage.

Kite Atins Brazil, beach Baraca
kite atins brazil beach baraca bar kitebord

Kite trips in Atins

The kite schools in Atins, also offer custom downwinders along the extensive beaches of the Lençóis Maranhenses national park. Kiting inside the parque and the dunes is under intense scrutiny by the Nature Reserve Organization (IBAMA).

Kite downwind trip Atins Brazil
kite barra grande to atins brazil downwind trip

Kiters Need to Know

Bring cash, card payment is still not accepted in many places!

Atins is a little pricier than other places closer to say Fortaleza, mainly due to the added cost of logistics. Accommodation for example can range from R$ 50 to R$ 1.000 per night.

Plenty of pousadas, some of which are specialised in Kiters. For preservation purposes nothing directly on the beach (yet). Atins itself is a little spread-out, so for Kiters it may be worthwhile choosing a Pousada close to the beach for convenience.

Transport in the village is generally on foot, or you can call a Buggy Taxi. 

Kite Atins Brazil, village
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